NecroTech Countermeasure Squad/Operation Holy Water

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About the Operation

Operation Holy Water is a NecroTech Countermeasure Squad conducted strike on St. Mark's Cathedral and the southern sector of Spicer Hills and south-western sector of Williamsville. This operation was in progress between 24 May 2006 - 16 June 2006.

Operation Goals

To cleanse Southern Spicer Hills/Williamsville of all zombie activity, and to make sure that St. Mark's Cathedral stays in survivor's hands.

Battle Log

16 June Operation has been declared a success.

13 June The Veresmith PD is seccure for now, but a mass of 6 zombies is at Swyer Crescant. (1 block south west) 25 reported zombie sightings in Spicer now, but there have been recent PK attacks against us. This page will now list know NTCS killing players.

11 June The Veresmith Police Department is were all of the action is. Bowring and NTCS are steadly killing zombies outside. The body count is past 30 now.

1 June We've just received info that the Bowring_Blackwatch have decided to join Operation Holy Water. The Spicer_Hills zombie monitor has been made wider to cover the Forst Building [NT].

31 May Situation has stabilized - one zombie outside the SE part, the surroundings has been rebarricaded and safehouses re-established. We're monitoring the situation now.

Also as a reminder - St. Mark's Cathedral is not a revive outpost. According to the Sacred_Ground_Policy, only the Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points. Nearest Cemetery is at [34, 97] - that's 1N and 6E of the Cathedrals NE corner.

29 May NTCS forces have the Cathedral secured, but some hanging around killing stragglers outside.

26 May Due to the contamination of the buildings closest to St. Mark's Cathedral, prior to the main assult, we're looking for good outposts near the Cathedral. Dudman Row Firestation, as one such location, has been cleaned of zombies and barricaded, but don't let that fool You - sleep here with Your eyes open.

24 May St. Mark's Cathedral has gotten nasty. 3 zombies inside, and at least 5 pounding on the doors. Assistance required. We have already lost Neotech Specialist.

Known Pkers