NecroTech Defence Union

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NecroTech Defence Union
Abbreviation: NDU
Group Numbers: Very Small
Leadership: Unknown
Goals: To provide relief to all victims of this disaster, both survivor and zombie.
Recruitment Policy: Any NDU site
Contact: Non-specified

The NecroTech Defence Union are a humanitarian organisation comprising, in the main, of volunteers from NecroTech and medical backgrounds. The intention of the organisation is to provide relief to all victims of this disaster, both survivor and zombie.

The NDU is strictly impartial and utterly neutral. It will heal and protect as best it can anyone, living or dead, that needs its help. It gives no preference towards either faction and will not support either of the warring sides, but stands apart by virtue of it?s humanitarian ideals. As such the NDU will not affiliate to any militaristic group, but will care for all citizens of Malton regardless of their status, survivor or zombie.


The NDU's overall strategic goal is to build field hospitals in as many areas as they can where they will render any and all practicable assistance to all of the victims of this tragedy.


The NDU will only fight to defend their charges, both survivor and zombie. As a result, all members are required to have First Aid and Diagnosis and are strongly encouraged to learn Free Running, Surgery and the Construction skill. Members may chose to learn military skills but the use of Headshot is held in contempt by NDU ?purists.?

PKer Policy

The NDU, being a group dedicated to promoting the citizens of Malton, does not engage in acts of PKing. The only exception is for individuals that attack their charges, survivor or zombie, while they are within an NDU field hospital which, in their eyes, counts as sanctuary for all non-combatants.

Breaching sanctuary rules means that the attackers are identified, listed and denied healing or revives. These rulings can be appealed. Repeated offences will result in the posting of Bounties on the criminals head.

Area of Operations

Presently, individual members of the NDU are located in or around the Dakerstown area.

Current Operations

Currently, the NDU are scattered across Malton with the intention of setting up field hospitals where both survivors and zombies can be healed.

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