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Mega-Epic World Cup Malton Pub Crawl 2006

Based on the movie "248 Pubs Later".

Start: June 10th, 2006, Clapton Stadium, West Grayside. Friendlies have been announced.
Previous Start Pub: The Younghusband Arms
Start Pub: AMENDED: The Stanser Arms, Spracklingbank [84,39] (two blocks north of Giddings Mall, Pitneybank)
End Pub: The Younghusband Arms
Route: tbc

Suggested Rules:

  • One pub per day.
  • One drink (wine or beer) in each pub.
  • Only attack PKers and zombies.
  • One character per player (to avoid auto-nerfing).
  • Pubs kept at VS barricades so that any survivor can enter (this is a priority - and must be dealt with prior to getting sloshed).
  • Pub must be tagged "Mega-Epic World Cup Malton Pub Crawl 2006".

Suggested Scoring System:

  • 1 Tipple point for each pub in which you find and consume wine or beer.
  • 1 Urban Literature point for each pub you tag with the official Tour Logo.
  • 1 "By Jove!" point for each day in which you aren't killed.

Suggested equipment:

  • Crowbar (to avoid lock-outs).
  • First Aid Kit (asprin essential).
  • Revivication Syringe (just in case anyone drinks themselves to death).
  • Guns and assorted melee weaponry.
  • Spray can.

NOW COMPLETE - with varying levels of success. Report to follow.

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