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Necrotech Junkies
Abbreviation NTJ
Group '
Leadership armareum, Mack
Goals Use the most devious Trans-Mortal and Death Cultist strategies to aid zombies.
Recruitment Policy GKers/PKers/Doctors/Taggers/Free Runners
Contact The NecroTech Junkies forum

| Brain Location Report

A group of human junkies who work to Salt the Land. We are addicted to the revive juice and can't stand to see people "waste it" on zombies. After all, if it brings a zombie back to life it should give somebody who's already breathing one hell of a buzz, right? So the junkies go in to a functional NT, verbally berate the doctors for giving away the good stuff, then PK the doctors and staff, and, well, anybody else in the building. After this, the fun really starts as we crank up the volume, get high on the rez juice and party like we're possessed. Rave nights often end in an orgy of destruction as we open up the doors and let the local zombies in to trash the place. We have a habit to feed, and won't let any of the corrupt NecroTech Inc. employees stand between us and our juice.

We waste the ones who waste the juice!

Skills Based Membership

We are a mixed human/zombie group that works to aid the zombie cause.

Whether you are a dedicated and experienced Pker or Gker, a bent Doctor with a Needle fetish, a Combat Revived Zombie looking for a good time and a Flak Jacket or an otherwise skill-less Free Running Scout with a Spraycan - NTJ always has a place for you. All types of human and zombie characters are welcome to join.

As long as you don't barricade or kill zombies that are inside buildings, we like you. :)

Joining NTJ

Click here to join.

Player Types


With Free Running even the least skilled Human can go behind enemy front lines and report back on survivor concentrations. Keep a low profile and perhaps sleep in adjacent suburbs. Your information is critical for Zombie Troops who cannot afford to waste AP breaking into empty barricaded buildings. You could stock up on FAK's, Spraycans, Radios and even Gens and Fuel if you have an NTJ safehouse and fellow Junkies to supply.

As a zombie, you can still scout and update the Brain Location Report with barricade and ruin status, along with using the bright green markers to show your fellow zombies where the easy meals are.

PK Elites

The Raver Squads are small teams of PKers/Zombies that attack NecroTech Buildings. Suitable for anyone that enjoys a bit of violence, partying and general mayhem. X:00 tactics and suicidal missions are order of the day for these Death Cultists.

Bent Doctors

Our "Bent Doctors" are the top secret NTJ, respectable and trusted by the local populace, while secretly securing supplies of syringes to deal out to our insane band of rez juice addicts. No one knows your sordid true identity doing revives on request for the local NTJ members.



With Tagging Skills you can scout and graffiti all the main Tactical Resource Buildings and Revive Points in a suburb. Something like:

NTJ: - Attack NT 1N,1W

Got Brains? NTJ report:
Hungry? NTJ provides:
Revive point inside NT - DO NOT BARRICADE
Inside REVIVE point - NO 'CADES!!

And so on or whatever else you wish. Tags help discourage Survivors as well as reach out to the non meta-gaming Zombie audience. Work with the local zombie groups and ferals to hone your tagging skills and channel zombies towards the latest siege. Use tinyURL's to point back to the Brain Location Report.

Additionally, you can disrupt the local revive system by spraying over tags. Subtle changes work best, so just spray over the Revive Request tinyURL with a slightly incorrect version. Or change the directions to an revive point. Eg:

DEM Revive Request: gets changed to DEM Revive Request:

Revive Point 6 South gets changed to Revive Point 6 East

Or in especially revive deprived areas:

y wont ne1 res us?


A Knife with Advanced Knife skills is the best weapon to use against generators. Destroying generators is an excellent way to aid the zombie cause, as it takes a lot of AP to find and fuel a generator, and a relatively small amount of AP to destroy it.

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