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The term "nerf" originated from the comparison of Nerf guns to real firearms.

A Nerf is a gameplay enhancement or change which reduces the effectiveness or usefulness of a specific aspect of a video game. In Urban Dead, it is specifically used to describe a change which reduces the effectiveness of a "side", either Survivor, Zombie or PKer. The change can either affect a faction directly or indirectly. The opposite to a nerf is when an aspect of the game is changed to give a player a direct of indirect advantage compared to previously. This is called a Buff.

Nerfing is created with the ultimate goal of achieving as close to a perfect state of balance as possible. During the history of UD, the balance of the game has swayed dramatically for either sides. This has often come as a result of a balance change, in the form of a buff or a nerf.

Because of Urban Dead's "two sided" outlook, a nerf to one side can often be seen as a buff to the other side. For example, when Zombies were buffed to be able to block survivors from barricading buildings in the same space as the zombie, survivors considered this a Cade nerf.

Examples of Nerfs in Urban Dead

Historical examples of Nerfing include:

  • Before the First Siege of Caiger Mall, reviving zombies with a syringe cost 1AP. After the survivor victory, the game was altered so reviving cost 10AP. This nerf was to add strain onto survivor's reviving capabilities.
  • During the 3+ week long Battle of Pitneybank, an update was introduced which nerfed survivor's barricading capabilities. Within days of the update, the month-long seige had ended with zombies ruining Giddings Mall.


Nerf is commonly used in the wiki's suggestions system. It is a heavily used theme on Developing Suggestions or in open suggestions when coming up with suggestions or making balance changes to Urban Dead.

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