Neurotic Mudkipz Coalition

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Neurotic Mudkipz Coalition
Nmc mudkip.jpg
Abbreviation: NMC
Group Numbers: I have no clue...
Leadership: An emo angel and some crazy Swede!
Goals: To have a fun time doing whatever pleases us.
Recruitment Policy: We're mostly going to be PKing, so you might wanna stay away if it pisses you off.
Contact: Currently, the talk page. Might decide to have a forum if this turns into a permanent thing.

Under Construction

Yep. This page isn't nearly done yet. For one, theres no group pic yet. So if you SysOps go and delete this, you'll make Engel cry.

This page was last violated/taken seriously 08:54, 2 November 2007 (UTC).

The Birth of the Kipz

There was once two young men, who once upon a midnights dreary, pondered, weak and weary, about the last cup of claws.

And so they decided to argue over this most infuriating topic, and thus gathered a following of brave and merry men, like the Olsen twins, and Sven!

They sung and danced, and skipped a beat, and loaded their guns, and demanded more heat!

So as the two young men grow older, their brains grow darker, their hearts grew colder.

They decided on a most sinister plan, to gather round and kill a man!

Not only for the games and fun, but for the overlord, what a delightful pun.

And they settled on this dark dark task, and soon towards Dulston they would embark.

But now we've skipped a verse or two, and made the kids cry, too bad for you.

Cause before this all really took place, these men were lonely, a quite blank face.

They walked the streets of Malton town, pondering their life's, feeling like they were about to drown.

And thus they joined an underground cult, made of bones and ash and heads and jolts.

They joined the Pro-Death society, that at the time was just another variety.

And that is that, and this is this, and if you demand more, I'll kill you with a fish!

Who We Are

We're all just a bunch of alts from NMC members looking for an elusive thing called Love. Or fun. Whichever comes first. It'll most likely be fun though, as Herr Magatsu tends to make women run in fright. Oh, and there are some other random people wanting to play too!

UPDATE:!:(?) I Miss Complex is now in charge of this little carnival of carnivorous car-crashing cacti collecting chums! Chose to huff a kitten or two, but don't huff celling cat, he'll make you blue.

The Party and the Tour

We are starting this whole thing of with a party at Club Mold at Halloween. And after that we're going going on a tour that will take us to where ever our hearts desire lays. Be that money, faith, a laugh or a drink. We will enjoy ourselves, sing and dance. And with some luck, find romance.

The Dulston bit is now taken care of, we might stay for a while, but I feel it is time to move on for now. How about constructing a Pro-Death Sauna somewhere?

We haven't decided in what order we're going to do things, but some of the things we are going to do are:

A Blood Drive for the Greater Good

Liberation of Imprisoned Mudkipz at the Zoo

Fight the ATM

Go to Church

Visit the Mansion

Hunt for Chupacabra

Rugby Practice

The Pro-Death Sauna

Sacrificing a Virgin or Two

Fight Fire in the Fire Station

Bust the Feds

Shopping Spree

And so forth, we'll probably come up with more things to do, maybe fight the elderly or something?

Where We Did Meet

In Dulston. At Club Mold. On Hallow's Eve. After that, one of the above, or something completely random!


Post your profile link here if you're a member.

Other people tagging along are: Wes Mantooth!

Sonny is also involved in some way, though I have no idea how so far... Anyway, he's the spiffy Pokemon collector helping us out!


Just show up and start killing people! That aren't us of course...

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