New Arkham Free Zone

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New Arkham Free Zone

The New Arkham Free Zone is a dream of peaceful cohabitation with open doors and open windows.

The Story

The New Arkham Safe Zone is a vision of a true neutral ground in Malton.
This will be an enforced No-Barricades and No-Kill region.
Zombies get no headshots and no barricades.
Humans get no feeding drag and build no barricades.


New Arkham Fresh, Clean, Free. The goal, make New Arkham friendly for everyone. A center of learning for both Zombah and Harman children alike. A place where just because you were reborn dead you aren't banned from public works, and the undead or never dead aren't eaten or torn apart for liking living or unliving.

Why here?

  • It must be a corner area, central Malton has far too much traffic.
  • No mall to attract trench-coaters.
  • Small resident zombie groups.


The teams must be developed to cover every inch of the suburb.
We must notify everyone at the borders.


The Humans of the region must be contacted via forum or direct communication.

As the New Arkham Free Zone is an alliance of groups, lone-wolves, and alternates, we don't have the muscle of a large bounty-hunting orgainzation. I strongly, very strongly, encourage the members of our alliance to explain our goals.

Going to war with the locals will only escalate our problems.
The local zombie population has already proven more violent than expected, but through feeding groans we hope to clear the region.



Human volunteers will be needed for propaganda and revives.
Zombie volunteers will be needed for scouts and de-barricading.

New Arkham Free Zone
Border Foulkes Village Ruddlebank
Border New Arkham Free Zone Old Arkham
Border Border Border

New Arkham's location in Malton.

New Arkham Free Zone map