New Malton Skete

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New Malton Skete

Saint Anthony: Father of Monks, reliever of pestilence.

Abbreviation: NMS
Group Numbers: Solo religious survivors
Leadership: None
Goals: Support solo religious survivors
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Abba Hesychios

A time is coming when men will go mad - Saint Anthony Abbot

I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness - John 1:23

New Malton Skete is a loose confederation for solo players with a religious roleplay element.

Its mother hermitage is located at the Church of Saint Sixtus in Greentown.

In the current citywide crisis, organised group worship has broken down and religion is becoming perverted. Survivors are commonly forced to live and act alone, without the support or guidance of the Church. A skete is a group of hermits following a monastic rule, allowing them to worship in comparative solitude although with a level of support not available for a lone hermit. New Malton Skete encourages survivors to establish hermitages in disputed territory as lone safehouses in which they may enjoy solitude and contemplation between forays into the surrounding area.

It is not required that Skete members turn their backs on survivor society completely and indeed the Skete exists to provide a level of community between members and to provide a means of integration and dialogue with more structured groups. Established hermitages may in time draw like minded players to an area, resulting in the founding of clusters of hermitage safehouses around important Malton shrines. Such de facto player groups within the Skete are known as lavras.

Since it is in the nature of Skete members that they are solo players, the Skete has no leadership and all members and interested parties are encouraged to shape the organisation as they see fit.

Start your involvement by changing your profile and by editing and adding to Skete pages on this wiki!

Active Hermitages

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