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December 22

  • Another cold winter in the quarantine zone, and snow is falling. Walking or lurching at street level will leave a temporary trail of footprints right to the door of any building you enter, so watch your step.
  • Survivors are once again hauling festive decorations out of the back storerooms of the city's shopping malls, to brighten safehouses through the depths of winter.

October 31

  • It's that time of year again. Survivors and zombies alike begin the ritual of wearing strange masks, knocking or smashing at safehouse doors, and handing around best-before-2005 confectionery. This year, some enterprising gardeners have planted pumpkins in the city's overgrown parks, which can be harvested and carved.
  • Murder weapons are now visible to others when a player is killed, along with the smashing of safehouse decorations.
Unofficial notes
  • Zombies are now notified when they gain HP via Digestion with the message You gain 4 HP.

July 3

  • Hungry for convenience food, zombies have begun to distinguish feeding groans made inside secured buildings from those echoing through open doors.
  • Survivors with medical diagnosis training can now spot wounded members of a crowd more easily. However, dark buildings are now too dark for medical staff to assess other survivors at a distance.
  • Binoculars can now be used to scout for nearby landmarks on the skyline, when outdoors.
  • The military have lifted the block on secure radio transmissions from the city's two forts (25.97MHz and 25.98MHz). There are also rumours of an old emergency broadcast system hidden in an office building in Malton, broadcasting on 25.92MHz; searching the correct building will reveal it.
  • Urban Dead is four years old today. Zombies and survivors can salvage paper crowns from the city's nightclubs, for the day.

May 5

  • Urban Dead was moved to a new, upgraded server today - some players may experience DNS problems while it all migrates. If you're having problems, you can connect to the new server directly at