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22nd December

  • As the year ends, survivors take up their seasonal traditions of dragging pine trees through the cold streets, and leaving footprints and blood in the snow as the undead trail them to their decorated safehouses.
  • Although it's freezing in Monroeville and Borehamwood, the snow isn't heavy enough to leave footprints there.

29th October

  • Halloween just doesn't have that old pre-apocalypse atmosphere, in a city of walking corpses, but survivors continue to harvest and carve pumpkins, and wear unconvincing plastic masks.
  • If zombies knock at your safehouse door over the weekend and you don't give them any stale candy, they might use their advancing memories of life to defile any graffiti you've written outside.

6th October

Unofficial News

xkcd's second edition of the Map of Online Communities has been released, and Urban Dead is there. Check it out.

16th August

  • Survivors and zombies alike are finding it easier to navigate the familiar wreckage of the city streets. Survivors can get directions to a nominated safehouse; zombies automatically focus on the most recent groan or scent trail.
  • Settling in for the long haul, some survivors have been modifying and memorising their safehouses. Those able to scout a safehouse can spend 30AP to survey the building, giving them approximately 5 extra AP per day within their nominated safehouse, until they die or the safehouse is ruined.
  • A few zombies have been heard bellowing with rage when faced with large numbers of survivors, issuing a louder feeding groan which attracts the dead from further afield.
  • Zombies are lurching into the deepest shadows of dark buildings, making it harder to escape their tangling grasp in the dark.

3rd July

Five full years of quarantine since the first outbreak in 2005, and the world still ends. New game mechanics are coming later this month in early August, but for today, and today only, zombies and survivors can scavenge cardboard crowns from the floors of the city's nightclubs.

Unofficial Notes

While inside a club survivors can equip the new hat and zombies can press a button "Wear a cardboard crown" so that With careful deliberation, you manage to pick up and wear one of the discarded cardboard crowns.

1st April

Unofficial Notes

For the first time in Malton's history, there was no April Fools joke.

21st January

Unofficial Notes

The snow which covered Malton during the festive season has now melted.

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