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Welcome to this page. For those who don't already know, I am Specialist290, semi-frequent article writer for the Mirror. I hope you enjoy the articles I will be posting here, and don't forget to take a look at the Malton Mirror!

2007 Election Coverage

April 10, 2007

Election Information Pamphlet

April 21, 2007

With the shocking tie between Murray Jay Suskind and Bullgod for the Zombiecratic primary, recent activity in the election seems to have stagnated. The two have announced that they are in the midst of negotiations on how to handle the situation, and Bullgod has made an additional statement that they have in fact come to an agreement, but nothing concrete has yet been announced. What role other candidates may play in this decision, if any, has yet to be determined. With less than 10 days to go before the general election, they had better be quick about it.

Meanwhile, discontent with the election of Karloth Vois, a known PKer and member of Red Rum, has driven many survivors to contemplate forming an underground resistance movement to sabotage his election. Details are pending, but fellow Humanitive candidate Tovarisch Khruschev has said that he is willing to form a coalition to "make life miserable" for Mr. Vois, as well as possibly whoever the Zombiecratic candidate may be.

Elsewhere on the election scene, other sources have indicated that DT and Sir Fred of Etruria may be running on a joint ticket.

May 2, 2007

Final Results for the Mayor of Malton General Election

  • Murbulskond (Zombiecratic) - 92
  • Karloth Vois (Humanative) - 91
  • Sir Fred of Etruria / DT (LEWD / New Deal) - 14
  • Dudemeister (DRPHIL) - 12
  • Fireman22 (Kool) - 3
  • Admiral Hawkins (Flat Earth) - 1
  • Lord Crabapple (Conservative) - 1

Candidates receiving no votes were not listed.