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Mayor of Malton Campaign

As the campaign for Mayor of Malton heats up and the first few votes for primaries commence, we at the Malton Mirror believe that our readers should be informed about their candidates. What follows will be a brief cross-section of the candidates, their views, their affiliations, and their supporters, in alphabetical order.

The Humanitative Party

  • Tovarisch Khruschev - Endorsed by the Channel 4 News Team, of which he is a member, and Ghetto Cow. Supports unity of survivors and rehabilitation of PKers and zombies. Pro-NecroTech. Will construct a flag if elected.
  • Labine50 - No official endorsements. Self-described "placeholder" candidate. Will do nothing if elected.
  • Dylan Mann - Anti-zombie. Believes that zombies should be restricted to the area of Ridleybank.
  • Richard Nixon's Head - Pro-war, pro-family. In his own words, "not a crook's head."
  • Karloth Vois - Member of Red Rum. Endorsed by the Ashadoa and Admiral Hawkins campaigns.
  • SteelVortex2 - Promises to destroy hostile zombies and to find a permanent solution to the PKing problem, and to construct a nuclear power plant and several distilleries.

The Zombiecratic Party

  • Bullgod - Leader of (and therefore likely endorsed by) the Feral Undead. Dismisses promises of other candidates as "fairy dust."
  • Huey P. Long - Member of and endorsed by Lebende Tote. Supports "Share Our Bra!nz" program advocating redistribution of survivor brains to Malton's ferals. Anti-Necrotech. Has scheduled numerous public speeches to bolster his campaign.
  • Murray Jay Suskind - Member of and endorsed by the Ridleybank Resistance Front (including the Gore Corps; split endorsement). Promises five pounds of brains per day to all zombies in Malton ("No Zed Unfed"). Editor of the Malton Herald and Sun.

Third-Party Candidates Details on the third-party candidates may be found on the official election roster.