Night Ravers

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Night Ravers
Night Ravers.gif
Abbreviation: NR
Group Numbers: Varies
Goals: Tour the clubs of Malton,
kill zombies, and have fun.
Recruitment Policy:
Contact: + Night Ravers Forum+

Welcome to the Night Ravers Page

Policy -
Hostile zombies, pointless and insistent PKers, and too hip for the room buzzkills are unwelcome.

Purpose -
Tour the clubs of Malton, do good in our own way, and have fun.

Rules -
NO PKing unless they attack us or our guests first, aid in such an attack, or are known to be nasty customers.

Members must move to the areas we specify, and then they have the option of having fun however they want to without breaking the first rule.

We are all about having a good time (which means a lot of role playing), so feel free to add to the chaos. When possible one of our members will put on a rave or our friends will play a concert or stage a prank - like minded people are encouraged to join in the party.

Being mean, killing pets, and destroying generators are all things that will get you taken off the guest list.

The Story of Us

Doc Kelly and Nebulous grew up together and went to all the parties and raves at the best clubs in Malton. Over time a group formed around them as they made friends with other ravers and they even began to throw their own raves in local clubs and warehouses.

That is, until one night zombies broke in and ransacked their local club, destroying everything that had given the group of friends meaning, but each other. Looking around the ruined city, they found that all their favorite haunts were destroyed. Enraged, they sought vengeance on every undead they came across.

It didn't matter - the damage couldn't be repaired that way. DJ Pulsar had died in the initial attacks, they were left with no club, no DJ, no music, no life.

Realizing it was up to them whether they carried on with the party or just waited to die, Doc Kelly, Nebulous and a core group of ravers set out to tour the clubs, no matter what.


Current Members:

  • Doc Kelly - Beverage Mixologist - Mixing up what you need.
  • Pol Luted - Former hordeling and chief among scouts
  • Rena Ryugu - Seems young and innocent. Try her burgers!

Members Despite Their Protestations to the Contrary

  • RyuDougs AI - Artificial intelligence, now in new Ginger flavour!

Members We Miss:

  • Crowlie - Keeper of the Sacred CK (Clepto Kat) Cape
  • Reaper87 - Cheeky zombie hunter - Security.
  • Nebulous - House DJ - Bringin' down the house for the party.
  • snoozies - More fun than you'll be allowed to have.
  • Icehawg - House Security and General Handyman
  • wsx - The only non-descript allowed in the NR
  • phiesto - A man of wealth and taste
  • RM Renfield - Servile and seeking redemption for his past

Club Tour 2009

All are welcome at the festivities except unreasonable PKers and unfriendly Zeds. Drinks and more exotic fare are available while you enjoy our trippy lighting effects. The Night Ravers will consider invitations to play at the club or obscenely expensive mansion of your choice.

For more information, contact

The No More Dull Nightclubs Project

While on tour in 2009, the Night Ravers will be seeking out the dull and generic nightclubs of Malton and putting their "unique" stamp on the decor. There is no excuse for any nightclub to be boring.

For a record of where we've been and who we've been with, take a look at The Night Ravers Places of Travel

Preferred Party People

Bin Laden's Daughter

The Gingerbread Men

Murder Death Kill

Malton Tours Inc.

Regulators Alliance

The Evil Army of H2G2

Acid War Templars

Special Tactics And Rescue Squad

Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited

The Rambling Drunks

Mad Craskers

The Batwing Brigade

Gore Corps

Team Enlightenment and the Salons of Collis Towers

The Randoms

Spies/Pkers and all around dislikables

  • The Pumpkin Pedophiles - For returning hospitality with hostility
  • Everyone at the Flowers of Disease. Reckless PKers with no chance of redemption.

Favored Links

Dj NR.gif

  • dEEpdARkTranCE - "I like this. I found it on the stairs outside the club... I think the Z's were having their own party outside and wanted to hear some music too (lol)." -- Doc Kelly
  • Dizzler - Full songs and a native player, this service features some of the more obscure music, though is by no means complete. --Bette Noir 21:53, 28 July 2008 (BST)

Night Ravers Template

I'm Raving, I'm Raving... Night Ravers
YOUR GROUP/NAME HERE is dedicated to Raving in the clubs of Malton
To add this template to your wiki profile just put this on your page:
{{Night_Ravers|name=YOUR GROUP/NAME HERE}}

or add this to show your support for us ravers

I'm Raving, I'm Raving... Night Ravers
YOUR GROUP/NAME HERE supports those crazy ravers
{{NR_support|name=YOUR GROUP/NAME HERE}}

Or create your own

I'm Raving, I'm Raving... Night Ravers
I survived a 3 day binge rave with the Night Ravers
{{NR|text=I survived a 3day binge rave with the Night Ravers}}

If you would like to join just contact ____________to find out how. Thanks to goebi for the new banner up top!