North Blythville Defenders

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This incarnation of the NBD is now retired as the New Incarnation has renamed and rebranded itself, although Torturos's original Mission statement still remains the center of our core values. -Protect North Blythville and surrounding areas- Please visit the new Page at Neot Medical Team

North Blythville Defenders

North Blythville Defenders
Abbreviation: NBD
Group Numbers: 4
Leadership: Torturos- Spiritual Founder/ Judge Phillip Banks - Current Leader,Kahl Street-Chief Medical Officer, Galen Wright - Master at Arms
Goals: To keep Southwest free of Z's, Maintain the Area of North Blytheville as safe as possible and to ensure that death is NEVER final
Recruitment Policy: All levels/classes, apply in-person or via the discussion page here
Contact: Currently Just Adding "North Blythville Defenders" should suffice also meeting with one of us in person although Torturos hasnt been seen in person in a while

A group of defenders based out of North Blythville. They are tasked with keeping the peace and reporting all zombie activity. Currently there is only one member, Torturos , who spends his time keeping Neot General Hospital safe for all refugees. They are responsible for managing the revive point at Graver Park

They previously operated an RP at [Male Boulevard]] however it was believed that the locale was too far from the base of operations at Neot general to effectively DIRTNAP so it was changed to its current position



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