North Square

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North Square

Greentown [34,76]

Morey Alley Borland Square Pankhurst Alley School
wasteland North Square Hemburrow Square
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Basic Info:

  • A Street is a city block containing no buildings or monuments. There are a variety of other names besides Street including Alley, Avenue, Boulevard, Drive, Grove, Lane, Row, Square, Walk, Place, etc.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
North Square

The North Square Revivification Clinic

North Square [34,76] is a revivification point in the suburb of Greentown. The "Clinic" is staffed by the Blythville Gang.

The Blythville Gang

The Blythville Gang is a loose affiliation of survivors that has taken up the cause of manning a revive clinic in Greentown. Spraypainted tags have popped up around Greentown, offering instructions on how to receive a revivification from Gang "technicians."

To request revivification, zombies are instructed to go to The Blythville Gang Message Board and post a link to their profile - then wait at North Square for a technician to come assist you.


Named after Dudley North, a well-liked nobleman by a generation of Greentown. However, it is frequently mistaken as being named after the direction north, which lead to some confusion on it's 50th anniversary of creation.