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This page is being made by The Burchell Newscast Team and will continue to be added upon till the finishing of the event. This is now finished.

"Guys someone plz dance wit meh,"

~ A desperate Survivor

"You know the old abbage that zombies don't touch rum? Well, it doesn't apply to oaken casks, I'm afraid."

~ MrGomez on an enquirer if he had brought some rum from the Burch.

"Evening, I've got no Rum, but I've got this (fills mug from old paint tin) its a little cloudy, and smells of paint and antifreeze, but it will do the job... just don't smoke around here. Ty, put out that joint, we'll all go up like a bomb."

~ Father O' Keefe in chorus with MrGomez on the enquirers wanting of Rum from the Burch.

"OMG it would b funny if there were bombs and 1 was set off here!"

~A terrorist who crashed in and was promptly slapped with a newspaper.

... On a chilly, relatively boring Malton day, the group know as The Fortress were planning their plots to smoke marijuan- I mean, throw a party. For it was indeed the 5th Anniversary of their North by Northeast Party! Quaking with joy, they had to show their love and invite their many many joyous and fun loving friends! And, what is a party of that magnitude with no Alcohol, and tales of Odin? Not a merry one, I fancy! Nay Indeed! Therefore The Burchell Arms Regulars, being ever so conveniently close to the location, were invited and requested that they bring as much alcohol as 300 people could manage! And By Jove they did it! Though, I hear the Rum was imported and infected with zombie blood.

The Penthouse.

The Invitation

The Poster.



The Fortress invites you to head North by NorthEast for our 5th Anniversary Party! Watch out! ...For zombie crop dusters! Don't be Betrayed! ...By Minions bearing false gifts. Climb to your escape! ...Over Malton's "Rushmore", Troubridge Cinema. (*ahem* The Fortress does not guarantee any success of escape from Malton but good luck all the same!)

If you've been reading Pitman's Game you will know that Malton may be about to be obliterated...

Perhaps The Fortress has sensed our impending doom, for we are heading to the Wall.

...and in true Fortress style, we shall party there like its Judgement Day

It's party time again!!!

Last year we spent FP'09 Outside, doing the Thriller! For our Fantastic 5th Anniversary, we're swarming to a corner of the quarantine wall, in memory of ESCAPE's recent event, but unlike them, we wont be jumping from any buildings.

Instead, we'll be watching movies in the scenic (and I do mean scenic), Troubridge Cinema! It's Hitchthingy Season so we can all relive some classics. Perhaps we can all go Psycho, pull some Birds and dance the 39 steps. Just make sure not to get Vertigo - it's a long way down from the top of the cinema. The Fortress Party 2010 will allow us to celebrate five fantastic years of Fortress history by eating popcorn right next to the quarantine wall that keeps us trapped. The Fortress and any allies who are daft enough wish to join us will be partying in the theater on September 20th from midnight to midnight (GMT). Cheese and Booze are an absolute necessity here!

Want to know how this Party's going down? Where: Troubridge Cinema in Dulston (Verbal Directions: "Head north - keep going until you reach a real big wall, then, erm, keep heading east.....or vice versa.") Date: Monday September 20, 2010 Time: 0000hrs GMT Sept 20 - 2359hrs GMT Sept 20 Monday 20th September 00:00 (GMT) Sunday 19th September 20:00 (EST) Sunday 19th September 19:00 (CST) Sunday 19th September 18:00 (MST) Sunday 19th September 18:00 (PST)


The Party

What wondrous guests! The party kicked off at about the collection of a meager number of about a hundred, having assembled in only two days. The Burchell Arms Regulars fulfilled their promise and brought hoards of alcohol, though the Rum, due to contamination and it being imported, was left to be wanted with only one casket making the trip that was brewed locally and was non-contaminated. It had a hint of pomegranate, we're pretty sure.
Burchell, serving it up.

To officially start and kick off the party, The Fortress member Jensonson walked over to the nearby Ice Cream crates and stood upon them in his glory, to announce:

"Thank you all for gathering here Fortress members and allies. Today the Fortress is five years old. It was five years ago *exactly* today that my brother, Bensonson, and I raised the cades of our famous *secret* landmark building in Central Malton.

It signified the construction of The Fortress and we quickly went about recruiting people to our cause. We had no forum, no Commanders. Just an email address and a joint target to protect our Fortress building. Today, The Fortress is much more than one building. In fact, there are four Fortress's - or five, if you count the one we can't find. But The Fortress is in fact a collective. Our infrastructure is solid and we have attracted and retained quality so that we are now the number one survivor group in Malton. We are proud of our chain of allies and together we have the power to face the biggest zombie threats in Malton.

I'm proud of every one of you and look forward to working with you all again in the coming fight against the undead. And against anything else that might arise... Stay Vigilant!"

Let the festivities begin!
Shortly thereafter, a game of Naked Twister commenced on a 70-foot Twister mat, (where the hell did we get that?) which was surprising, but nobody asked questions. During this time, our friend here sang us a song.
What a voice!

But with all the excitement inside, nobody took notice of the poor, helpless zombies that could only whimper like dogs in effort to be revived and join the party, that had been left out on the cold streets. Meanwhile, Father O' Keefe threw out his back and Twister was shortly and temporarily replaced with... DANCING!

However by this time, a good bulk of people, including the TBNT Anchorman, Officer Sheaffer, got extremely drunk and generally fell over, fainted, or in his case, mistook some dude for a lady. The partying raged on despite all of this, under the newly installed strobe-light that, compliments of the military, was dropped from the wall guards onto the roof of the cinema.

The next morning, the party raged on once more. The crisp, cold morning air seeped in, awakening many drunken men and women in a hangover, causing a massive moaning to rise amongst the ranks of party goers. Eventually the partying winded down, and Jensonson ended the glorious day with yet another speech.

The Aftermath

Whence the party ended, Dulston; for the first time in about two months, had become Green. The partygoers spread their merryiness and joy to the surrounding suburbs (For instance, Operation: Dart Board). What better way to spread the love then rebuilding suburbs like crazy?

At the height of the party, 152 guests were recorded. All in all, It was a success with surprisingly almost no Zombie interference than the occasional Zombie passing by to see what was going on. They left the party be.

And in the end, we all just smoked mariju- I mean, waved goodbye.

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