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Old School Motherfuckers

-Natasha Fatale
-Mr Trent Garby


OW's Motto
Who's Your Daddy?

Having Fun Fucking Shit Up

Recruitment Policies
Post Requests on forum!
Rotters Welcome.
Zergs Need Not Apply.

Dear Survivors,

We are Old School Motherfuckers! a death cultist group. We are in the business of making things difficult for you. Very difficult. Tragic. We have Daddy issues and working them out on you in game amuses us. Oh, and say hello to your mother from us.

Dear Zombies,

Are you looking for a quick snack? Oedipus Wrecks Delivers! Come to our area of operations for a quick bite. We at Chez Wrecks believe in sharing the wealth. Using state-of-the-art death culting practices, OW! staff will happily direct you to where the sweet, sweet brainz are waiting for your dining enjoyment. Reservations are never required. Please check the Operations section below for our current area of operations. All special dietary needs cheerfully accommodated.


Foulkes Village Idiots (CAPD)
Our first project was in Foulkes Village where we targeted the CAPD, an established group (they informed us) of (apparently) first rate donut hunters. First they laughed, then they whined that these relentless attacks were just not fair! Exactly what kind of zombie apocalypse game were we running here, they asked plaintively. We laughed. Then they called for help...which didn't help. We laughed harder. For seven weeks we tore through their home like a Walmart after Christmas culminating in our evicting them and their buddies from their Headquarters (again.) We look forward to returning in the future. You never forget your first. Thanks, CAPD!

Richmond Hills (RHR/ENVY)
We had some Splainin' to do! For 20 days we worked around the border of Richmond Hills and Havercroft until we could take and hold both Splain Arms (RHR Headquarters) and Carle Police Dept (ENVY Headquarters.) While understandably displeased that we were applying pressure to their territory, neither group cried and, well, we can respect that. Good game, RHR and ENVY. We had fun and hope you did too.

ACC Controlled
We tracked ACC to Roftwood and from April 13 to May 4 took everything they loved from them. Over that time, we killed 71 ACC members and gouged prices mercilessly in both Hildebrand and Tynte Malls, following them from one to the other after they made what they assured us was a regrettably previously scheduled and entirely coincidental evacuation move. They didn't cry (much) and they worked those (rev) sticks like John Travolta at a Policeman's Ball. It was good fun...for us. Thanks, ACC!

From May 18 to June 16 we beat Santlerville like it owed us money. First taking down Dewes NT with bullets and fear then controlling Dowdney Mall and the surrounding area. We even made contact with the elusive and adorably xenophobic and fluffy Dead Bunnies. Good times!

Haslock NT: Us vs. THEM
Went to the mighty Haslock NT and took it from 'em in five days and held for a week before being evicted with a little help from their friends...then we took it again from THEM and their buddies and buggered off. Triumphant cries of victory were heard from THEM's buddies LOL. Stay classy!

Biertag Cancelled Due to Death Cultists
Visited BAR and RHVP (Rolt Hts, Gibsontown and Pescoside) for a little while. We took St Arnold's, home of biertag (What? They had three days to party up!) Then we took their respective HQ's and followed 'em around for a week in "no-place-to-hide" mode.

MCM Needs Help STAT!
On August 13 we arrived to St. George's Hospital to find 30 survivors. Less than 15 hours later, the place was clear of survivors and ruined. We can't take all the credit though, it appears that some ferals and pkers joined in too and that's just the way we like it. Thanks, guys, glad to have you join the party! While in the area, we did a pinball sort of thing, bouncing mostly between MCM and Marven Mall but occasionally swerving to destroy MCM dorms and an NT or two. We enjoyed MCM, they had heart (and other yummy organs), even calling in what remains of the Philosophe Knights to assist...well, defending isn't really a fair characterization (points to the ruin counts)...but PK provided some delicate amuse-bouche to the tasty entrees we served in MCM and their dorms. We hope a good time was had by all. Thanks, MCM, you were delicious! After taking Marven and MCM 5 x each we took a little vacation nearby. What? Even death cultists like to take it easy and suck up some local culture once in a while. *giggles*

Currently busy dickin' up Kempsterbank. Perhaps you've heard recent survivor broadcasts requesting back up? It would seem that local survivors can't defend against the local zed pop (SFNAS) when OW is in town too. Squirming street meat served nightly; just follow the groans. Come join the fun!