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Note:This is not an offical Malton Historical Document, but a group summeration of an operation.

Suburb Map

The Malton Suburb of Roywood
a carpark a warehouse Jelly Avenue a factory Newport Alley Kilpatrick Cinema Sowth Road Nositer Crescent the Pilling Building Applegate Alley
Membry Grove Bodilly Alley Railway Station Smythe Alley School wasteland Gillow Drive Meacham Bank the Carse Building Murtaugh Towers Lowndes Square Club Santler
Henslow Street School Warley Alley Beard Place a warehouse Gazzard Avenue School the Frauley Building Club Whitelock Milard Lane Date Row Railway Station a warehouse
a carpark Ladd Park the Hoddinott Building the Pollard Building Maddaford Square the Millet Building Havercroft Park the Stretchbury Monument the Wadden Building the Claines Building
Burke Place the Donaldson Building Minall Lane the Ashcroft Hotel Garson Towers the Martland Museum Botreux Bank Limberye Walk Club Tarring a junkyard
Walrond Place Fire Station a factory Grist Crescent Railway Station the Gilesi Building Hecks Street
Esgar Auto Repair a junkyard Ratcliffe Street the Whitlock Monument Hackwell Drive
a factory a junkyard Withy Walk Row Drive Cleeves Way the Gatley Building a junkyard Melbourne Square Fire Station Cosway Bank the Purt Building
St. Cyprian's Church St. Mary's Church Wyatt Cinema a carpark Monica General Hospital a carpark Gerrard Place Police Department the Speak Motel Meaden Bank St. Linus's Hospital
the Grace Arms Buffery Street wasteland the Pinfield Building Weakley Square the Carslake Museum the Willia Hotel a carpark wasteland wasteland
Flew Lane School a junkyard Wyche Bank the Vellacott Museum St. Dismas's Hospital Owers Way Hemburrow Library the Dudoc Hotel a warehouse the Cavendish Building


Named by the ZAF, Operation:Blindfire was the restoration of the suburb of Roywood from the status of Ghost Town to make it a more habitable place for survivors. Members of the Red Cresent Research Facility, Zombie Assault Force and Deck of 52 worked together, watching each others progress and providing important updates to each other on the survivor side, while a small but highly coordinated force of zombies maintained the suburbs ruin. On Oct.6, 2008 the status of Roywood was changed from ghost town to moderate and the main objective of the operation was completed.

RCRF and ZAF personnel first entered the suburb on Sept.17, 2008 and made contact with the D52 on Sept. 27, 2008 forming an alliance between the groups to coordinate better. The D52 had been active in the suburb since approx. Sept. 12, 2008 under Operation Green Tiberium 1.

The Plan (RCRF Specific)

The Red Cresent Research Facility improvised a barricade plan, repair plan, strategic ruin plan and several special, operation specific policies to aid in the restoration of Roywood. Operational specifics have been withheld in the case of further operations in the Roywood region in the future.

ZAF's Involvment and History

ZAF was first contacted by the RCRF at Fort Creedy were we where trying to recruit members into our Mercenary group which back then had just began with only 2 or so people, we of course eagerly accepted the alliance because we were just starting out and could use some help. Anyway after a few weeks at Creedy the RCRF had a plan to head for Brooke Hills (originally) so we could restore that suburb, but after a close examination the RCRF decided they wanted a more Ghost like area and of course we agreed to follow them because it was our first contract and we did not want to let them down. So after going through Gatcombeton, Shuttlebank, Jensentown, and Quarlesbank we finally found the right suburb ROYWOOD. When I figured out were we were going I named the operation, Operation: Blindfire for one reason...we were going in blind and had no idea of the numbers of zombies and other things (I had never been to Roywood). As you know the RCRF came up with the plans and so on we just followed them and tried our best to fulfill our objectives, after a few days being in Roywood I ordered my team to fall back to Chudleyton were we reclaimed 4 key buildings for both our survival and for Chudleyton survivors these buildings are Kenefie Lane Police Dept, Cuthbert General Hospital, Club Hodson, and the Harraway Building. After restocking and regrouping I was contacted by the Deck of 52 who at first I was cautious of (security reasons) but once I got to chat with them and so on they became official allies. With the combined efforts of ZAF, RCRF, and D52 our main objectives which were the PD and other recourse buildings were taken pretty fast and because of this we soon gained control of most of Roywood. Because of how fast we took over the resistance was little and now we are currently holding roywood so we know for sure that its in survivor hands. I would have to say with out this alliance between groups this operation would have taken a lot longer than anticipated. So my thanks goes to the RCRF for bringing us along and being great friends and to the Deck of 52 for there outstanding help and one last thanks to the few survivors not part of a group that helped out. --Cortez250 00:59, 9 October 2008 (BST)

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