Operation: Lazarus

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Operation Lazarus, or, Operation Mass Revive, was the first offensive planned and carried out by The New Maltonian Dynasty. In planning for just under a week, Lazarus was a mass revival strike against the suburbs of Havercroft, Barrville, Pimbank, Peppardville, Edgecombe, Roftwood, Ketchelbank and Ridleybank. On Dec 3rd 2005, in less than 24 hours, Network Members of the New Maltonian Dynasty throughout mid-Malton pulled out their syringes and revived over 500 zombies, an unprecedented number in the history of the Malton quarantine. Despite the RRF returning home the same day, few casualties were sustained due to the humans' superior intellect and planning. Closely following the United Horde's failure to take Caiger Mall, these victories have shown that the humans are not content to hide, running from safehouse to safehouse, and we will take back Malton. This was the first Offensive. Not the last.

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