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Order of Resistance
OoR B .jpg
Abbreviation: *OR*
Group Numbers: 2 registered members.
Leadership: dirtbag999
Goals: reclaim the city.
Recruitment Policy: anyone interested in freeing malton (no pkers please).
Contact: cotact us on our forum


the Order of Resistance is a recently formed group dedicated to the elemination of zombies. while we are still in the recruiting stage, we plan to operate some form of request service so that we can send out people to deal with the greater zombie threats. while our main purpose is to dispose of the zombie population, we will plan on setting up some revive points as well. our current head qaurters, is at the Bornard Building 56, 74. --Dirtbag999 13:48, 24 February 2009 (UTC)


if you want to join the Order of Resistance either leave a post on our forum with your characters stats, and we will review your charecter and post an acceptance message, or look for us at the bornard building.

all members are currently welcome.

Curent Members

dirtbag999: founder

Darkeyez: Scout


we are now allies with the knights templar.

Current Events


we are curently involved in overthrowing the sfhnas as are other groups. the area is currently safe but we encorage all members to proceed there and eliminate any remaining zombie threat


we have now changed our hq from Barnerd Way Police Dept 54, 76, to the Bornard Building 56, 74

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