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Order of the Black Rose

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Here you will find information relating to group activities. This is often not immediately current, and those looking for information on current whereabouts and activities of the OBR should check out the forum.


27 January

The lazy OBR new leaders decide that it's the time to update this page again. After Operation Hydra, the OBR prepares new tactics for their next operation.


6 November

Maverick Farrant officially steps down as the leader of the OBR after just shy of two years at the helm. Leadership duties are split and passed on to Colette Hart, Diana Warren, and Miss Balalaika.

18 October

Decidedly long overdue, the OBR kicks off another operation. Nothing particularly unique, just a very organized and methodical going over of the Rose District by the entire group--one TRP at a time.

6 September

With Big Bash 3 making its way into the district, the OBR takes evasive action and begins using extreme River Tactics. Within a fortnight the greater part of the Rose District is in shambles and the primary force of the bash has moved on. However, OBR members were left with larger-than-usual zombie numbers still in the district thanks to the large feral cloud. Thus begins a long and slow process of repairing the entire district.

1 September

With numbers on the rise against as well as some old members coming back, 404 reclaims their independent status while remaining a close ally and sister group of the Order of the Black Rose.

1 July-14 July: BOOT CAMP

With the addition of a number of new members, and the revival of some old ones, the Order of the Black Rose sends all of its members outside of the district to rough-and-tumble Dunell Hills for a fortnight of intensive survivor training where people could learn new skills and polish ones they had used before.


With much of Grigg Heights, Crooketon, and Reganbank in shambles in the aftermath of ESCAPE, the Order of the Black Rose kicked into high gear and moved to reclaim the Merson NT and get rebuilding efforts started. In true awesome fasion, the NecroTech was retaken in a matter of hours and much of Grigg Heights rebuilt by 21 June.

1 June

After the success/failure of ESCAPE, members of the Order of the Black Rose prepare themselves for duty as large portions of the zombie horde that had gathered in Owsleybank drift south into the Rose District.

2 March-21 March

Picking up where they left off, the OBR once again kicked off a massive PR campaign, tagging every TRP not already tagged by another group and every billboard all across the district.

25 February

With growing membership the Order of the Black Rose launches its own private forum.

5 February

Due to declining membership, 404: Barhah Not Found merges with the Order of the Black Rose and will continue to live on as a mobile sub-group.

5 January-27 January : The MOB Cometh

The OBR quickly mobilized its own members around the Merson NT, realizing that it will fall but should serve as a good beacon for drawing further support. Over the next few weeks, OBR members spread word of mouth, make radio broadcasts, and send runners to Ackland Mall and Marven Mall to try and rally support. Even with survivors coming to the district and looking to stay and fight, the Order of the Black Rose recognizes that there are simply too few survivors for tradional siege tactics. Alternative options are discussed and a course is decided upon.

21 January
MOB officially moves into Crooketon. Roughly a third of the buildings in the suburb are ruined within the first 24 hours, and there are reports of break-ins at the Merson NT on the border with Grigg Heights. The OBR launches their plan and begins full-fledged operations to combat the zombie horde.
24 January
Despite efforts by the Order of the Black Rose and other survivors, even the hit-and-run tactics and repairs are not enough to slow down the Militant Order of Barhah. After a mere three days they decided Crooketon was adequately destroyed (and it was), and they moved on to Mornington. Smaller strike teams (whether organized or feral was not determined) continued to hit the Merson NT and most of Grigg Heights daily.
28 January
MOB leaves Mornington a smoking pile of rubble and moves on to North Blythville. The OBR begin to rebuild.

1 January-5 January

Kicking off the new decade in style, the OBR partied at Merson and the surrounding taverns, with a lot of bleed over into some of the schools and even a couple of the old auto repair shops. After the headache went away, they decided to embark upon the largest PR campaign to date! The objective was quite simple: grab as many spray cans as they could carry and tag every billboard, Tactical Resource Point, and mast building in the Rose District!

The PR campaign was put on hiatus after it was decided that preparations needed to be made for the Militant Order of Barhah, which was slowly but surely making its way towards western Malton and our fair district.


5 November-22 December: OPERATION: VOODOO

On 5 November the OBR launched a concerted effort to retake and hold the Merson throughout the holiday season. With some unexpected help from the Know Nothings, the Rose District's NT was back in business in a few short days.

19 November
While Lebende Tote no longer seemed to be active in Grigg Heights, Rot From The Moors still was--and they were none too happy about the NT being occupied by breathing folks. The 19th marked the first major break-in, with a half dozen zeds clawing through the barricades and killing an equal number of survivors before survivors knew what happened. Through liberal use of syringes and ammo, RFTM was ejected from the NT and survivors in the area revived within the next 24 hours. This also marked a lull as zombies generally left the Merson alone until after Thanksgiving, during which the Know Nothings left.
29 November
On or around 29 November Gods Prototype, a member of RFTM, came to the NT with an eviction notice. Claiming in no simple terms that the Merson building was the lawful property of RFTM and the harmans therein were trespassing. In an unusually peaceful display (i.e. without killing someone or destroying the generator) he informed those inside the NecroTech building that we would be given the limited time offer to leave in peace. While peace is all well and good (and awesome in its own right), we could not leave the Merson. ...Gods Prototype was unceremoniously dumped out of the building and the Order of the Black Rose put another pot of stew on the fire and started cleaning their weapons.
22 December
After holding the Merson for going over a month and a half with zombie activity diminishing down to almost nothing, at roughly 0800 GMT the Order of the Black Rose declared a survivor victory and the success of OPERATION: VOODOO.

5 October-9 October

After some weeks of dragging activity, the OBR launches OPERATION: RING! RING!. The goal: bring all five mobile masts in the Rose District online before Halloween!

SUCCESS!! Due in large part to the superb cooperation of a small team of OBR members, all five mast buildings were barricaded and powered in only four days! Eager to keep up the momentum, members look for the next big project.

22 June-15 July

Over the course of a few weeks, the Rose District was almost completely overrun with the living dead, with Grigg Heights and Crooketon suffering the most. Calling to arms, the Order of the Black Rose captured the Merson Building with the help of BMF Construction and Breach of Peace and planned to hold it for as long as they could to draw the zombie presence away from other parts of the district. After many weeks of fighting the Order of the Black Rose decided to depart from the Merson Building. We drew many zeds away from other parts of the Rose District and allowed them the breathing room to rebuild, but Grigg Heights got too hot to handle--so we got out of the kitchen.

24 March

The OBR has officially made its way onto the Stats page!

19 Feb-4 March

The Order of the Black Rose departs from its current activities to help Marven Mall in South Blythville prepare for Mall Tour 2009.

Marven Mall fell in less than 48 hours despite help from the OBR and almost 150 other survivors. OBR members finally decide to head back to the Rose District and get back to work, starting with Mornington.

23 Jan-3 Feb

Moving to support 404: Barhah Not Found, the OBR helped hold onto the Merson NT. Despite growing zed numbers in the area, break-ins were few. After many nights of Twister and parties in Merson, survivors got bored and gradually moved out. The Merson NT fell back into disrepair a few days later.

14 Jan

The Order of the Black Rose moved to reinforce Breach of Peace and The Randoms who had recently re-taken the Merson NT in Grigg Heights. After the first day, the quickly rising number of zeds on the scene verified that both Rot From The Moors and Lebende Tote were present to lay siege to any TRPs in the area that survivors wished to lay claim to. Survivors batten down the hatches.

By 16 January the Merson NT, Blaxall Way PD, and St. Wolfgang's Hospital are all ruined with zed presence. The OBR and other survivor groups discuss their options.

9 Jan

Implementation of our new look on the wiki! Awesome has officially increased ten-fold!!

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