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Free Militia
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Order of the Spear
Abbreviation: OoS
Group Numbers: Currently forming
Leadership: Jarl Stephen Barton
Goals: Aid other survivors where needed in any place in Malton and seek out glorious battle!
Recruitment Policy: Sign up on our forum and report in
Contact: Contact a member directly or our forum

We are an assemblage of warriors who, like all other Rangers of the Free Militia, wander the city of Malton seeking out battle and glory! Under the guidance of the Spear of Odin we march and we prevail!

Brief Explanation

The Order of the Spear, although a Norse-style Ranger unit, is not specifically an Asatru group in Urban Dead. While we take our inspiration from the warriors of the Old North it is by no means required for members to be followers of Asatru. We instead take our inspiration from there as an example of truly stellar warriors.

The Name

The Order of the Spear refers to Odin's Spear, the Gugnir. The Gugnir was said to never miss its intended target and always return to Odin's hand after He threw it at a foe. In battle Odin would ride on His mount, Sleipnir, before both armies and would decide the fate of the battle by which army He cast His Spear over, the side whom He did so would be fated to lose. Norse armies would often during the Viking Age give homage to the Allfather by having one spear-thrower charge the enemy lines before battle and do the same, with this action giving the souls of the fallen to Odin.


We are organized similar to a Norse household and seek to emulate the bonds of camaraderie and free-wheeling fellowship that Norse warbands are known for. We go where the Fates drive us, seeking out battle and danger wherever it may be, always moving on to the next suburb in need of strong warriors and stronger drinkers!


Called a Captain by the Free Militia, the Jarl leads us into battle. The Jarl may be chosen by election by simple majority from among the members and removed by a 2/3rds majority vote. Jarls are expected to watch out for the welfare of their warriors as well as lead heroically from the front. Any Jarl who tries to lead from the rear will be ignored and often deposed, such lack of courage is shameful and honorless.


Called a Lieutenant by the Free Militia, the Hersir is the Jarl's strong right hand. The Hersir is appointed by the Jarl and if the Jarl is unavailable serves as the leader of the band until his return. They are expected both to support the Jarl and serve as the devil's advocate in any tactical discussions to ensure the Jarl overlooks nothing.


Chosen by the Gods, the Godi (if a man) or Gythia (if a woman) sees to the spiritual needs of the band and leads the members in blots and sumbel as they wish as well as, in the case of an election for a Jarl, supervises the election. The Godi/Gythia also sees to the morale of the band, resolving potential conflicts before they become a problem.


Ferocious devotees of Odin, these unrestrainable men and women are known for their ferocity and skill in battle and are annoited as one of the Sigfather's Chosen by the Godi/Gythia. They are expected to be first in the fray, last in retreat, and willing to give everything they've got for victory! Hail to the glorious Barsarks!


Our most elite, capable warriors, inducted upon learning of all survivor skills by the Jarl. They are expected to serve as an example for less-skilled warriors and are expected to train new band members, if numbers allow for it taking on Folk as apprentices, until they are ready to take their place in the line.


The rank and file, those who have completed training but are not yet Housecarls. They are the backbone of our band and are recognized for their skill and courage.


Those new to our ranks and untrained, the Folk are guided by the Housecarls in their training in preparation for entering the fray.



At these wild ceremonies that combine our love of the Gods with our love of Mead, we lift our horns to drink to them in their honor often on the eve of battle seeking their strength and favor before we strike down our hideous foes.


An after-battle party to the uninitiated, those involved lift toasts to the fallen, to their comrades, and to themselves for glorious deeds done in battle. The faint of heart are not advised to attend due to the potential danger to those unprepared!


This is more information for those new and those unfamiliar to aid with role-playing and to avoid potential confusion:

  • Jotuun: Giants, the enemies of both the Gods and Humanity, some see the walking dead as a curse by the Jotuun. Plural form is Jotnar.
  • Draugr: Walking Dead, another word for zombie, denotes the soul of a dead person who has come back to their body either out of restlessness or due to injustice and walks the earth terrorizing all who they come across. There is much debate as to whether or not the zombies of Malton are truly Draugr or not.


We agree to all the policies of the Free Militia with a few of our own included:

UwarS.GIF Supporter of Urban Warfare Doctrine
I fight block by block
Rat-ah-tat-tat.jpg Rat Tactics
Survive. Revive. Thrive.

Current Activities

Recruiting and mustering all worthy volunteers in Ruddlebank!

How to Join us

If you are stout of heart and hungry for glory, go to the Free Militia forum and declare you seek to join the Order of the Spear and Jarl Stephen Barton will bring you in!

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