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Organization XIII
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Spring 2013

April 1th

A strike on the midnight of 3/30/13 against Whippey Building left 4 people dead. Depending on your preference, you can call it an Easter strike, or a April Fool's Day strike, since it happened on the border between those holidays. We're going with the April Fool's Day theory...

O13 is continuing to tour Malton, so be ready for when the Nobodies appear. Probably right behind you!

March 20th

On the 20th of May, Organization XIII PKed its 500th victim. With 2 more ruins and a few kills, it will also reach the milestone of 150 ruins, most of them pinatas, and 100 zombie kills. Of course, O13 is a balancing group, so it has also given out 57 revives and repaired over 30 buildings.

March 17th

Organization XIII teamed up with Cobra for a joint St. Patrick's Day Event. The two groups handed out free beers at the crowded Nation Library, celebrating St. Patrick's Day with plenty of cheer and red splashes.

All eleven survivors in the building died under the merciless blows of beer bottles, as well as a few more comedy kills with knives, a newspaper and a stare of death. As a finale, the library was turned into a pinata.

After bidding good night to Yagoton, O13 is heading onto new projects. With Malton turning increasingly green, and even Ridleybank losing its red shade for awhile, O13 will step up its pro-zombie efforts. The plans are super-secret and super-evil, but if you're a zombie or PKer and want some coordination, head to our forums.

February 14th

In one of their boldest plans yet, Organization XIII attacked Calvert Mall in an onslaught of murder and mayhem. The combined efforts of PKers and parachuters successfully cleared the entire mall and completely ruined it on Valentine's Day. Where once stood a lit mall full of survivors, now stands an empty shell, filled with only cold dead bodies and the Nobodies. Ineffective efforts to reclaim the mall lead to a quick second ruining, as well as several more after-ruins in the coming days. Ferals have now closed in and the mall remains deserted and partially ruined. It was indeed a Heartless Valentine's Day.


January 27th

After evicting some squatters who tried to occupy Lamport Walk PD, Organization XIII has been busy letting people know of a special promotional event. O13 is now offering a contest for new recruits- the first five (5) recruits to fulfill the conditions listed here will have their alts donated for, freeing them from the 160 hits per IP rule. The Nobodies also spent time making beautiful pinatas all over the Gatcombeton area. To balance these pinatas, O13 doubled their revive count. Our forum has also been upgraded, and now has threads for better coordination with other groups and lone ferals, so be sure to visit. Preparations are underway for bolder plans this February, with more participants, including a memorable Valentine's Day event at the mall.

September 2012

September 27th

Organization XIII has decided to step out of the greater Gatcombeton area and go on a tour of Malton. Where will they stop? What will they do? Wherever they go, make sure you give them a shout hello!

July 2012

July 27th

Conflictations with AZDC continues to rage on, but to a much lesser extent as Organization XIII shifts its focus towards the Dunell Hills Police Department. During these conflicts, Organization XIII has achieved a few feats, including the death and revival of Amazing in the same day, being branded as terrorists by the Dunell Hills Police Department, and the death of a few local civilians by the hands of a Nobody (as the members of Organization XIII are called) with zero combat skills.

July 8th

Since the departure of our impostor, Organization XIII has bounced between the 10 member threshold for listing on the Stats Page. Our secret operation with/against the Soldiers of Crossman has concluded resulting us doing far more killing than reviving. It was far easier to find them alive than dead. Since that time, OXIII has been balancing Gatcombeton primarily through elimination of survivors at the mall, as preparation is underway for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance releases.

May 2012

May 16th

With some unwanted help from a replica (also known as an impostor), Organization XIII appeared on the Stats Page for the first time.

May 1st

The island containing the Peet Building has been successfully ruined by Organization XIII.

April 2012

April 29th

Organization XIII achieves a total of 13 known members.

March 2012

March 30th

Lamport Walk PD, aka the Castle That Never Was, was emptied and ruined by Kirsty Cotton. This honorary ruining of Organization XIII's own HQ is being viewed as an event made in honor of the release of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance in Japan yesterday.

March 28th

Organization XIII has moved to Gatcombeton, naming the island Police Department, Lamport Walk Police Department, as the Castle That Never Was. This move will be followed by a series of tests Organization XIII will soon be performing as a test of a new reformed system that may hopefully incorporate more side-swapping in Organization XIII's daily activities.

March 11th

Organization XIII is currently located in the Southwest.

February 2012

February 13th

Organization XIII celebrated kill #200 today as TA Pup balanced a Globetrotter.

February 5th

Operations continue although Organization XIII has spread out more. A recent strike in Scarletwood claimed the lives of 5 survivors and left an empty NT. Expect upcoming activities in a variety of suburbs. For information on joining visit the forums.

Older Events can be found in the Archives.

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Kills: 557  Ruins: 166 Revives: 60
Date:  09-26-2020  
S:Z Ratio:  58:42
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