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If you're interested in joining and you want information about how the group works, then you're on the right place.


Classes are like the "jobs" for any member of the group. Of course, anyone can take care of any job, and even more than two jobs at once.


Objective: Mercenaries are our main force. They choose a bounty on our reports thread and hunt a PK down. Also, they travel around helping buildings under attack. As it is a combat job, you might want as many offensive skills and weapons as you can. Mercenaries tend to increase their ranks very quickly.

Useful Skills: Combat Skills (Firearms Training and Hand to Hand Combat)

Useful Equipment:


Objective: Medic is a commonly overlooked class. Although it is not as exciting as "almost blowing a zombie's head off", it is an important class. Medics heal survivors in attacked buildings and in our main base. Give priority to our members allied group's members.

Useful Skills:

Useful Equipment:

Security Agent

Objective: They are in charge of the building's security. Not only they refuel and mantain the barricades and Generator, but also they defend the building during the attacks.

Useful Skills:

Basic Equipment:


Objective: Revivification Syringes... Although they are very expensive in terms of AP, are vital to any organized survivor group. If any comrade dies during a mission or there's a poor friendly zed at a revive point, Scientists use the glittering serum in their NecroTech syringes to help them breath again. Also, scientists than also feel inclined to combat, can eliminate that rotting scum from the revive points.

Useful Skills:

Useful Equipment

Communications Officer

Objective: Keeping the coordination of the group is hard. And it's harder if the members spread through many suburbs. A Comm. Officer takes care of coordinating all the group's activities and mantaining our PK list updated.

Useful Skills:

Basic Equipment

Ouroboros' Special Forces Agent

Objective: Only trustworthy member can join the Special Forces. The Special Forces take care of other activities, not included in the other classes.


If you join our group you will be given a rank. Any member operating in a mission will recieve points. Also, any member that kills a PK, GK or RK will recieve points. Points work to increase your rank.

For Example:

Rank: Agent

Points needed for the rank: 5

More Information

Please check our forums for more details.

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