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Outbreak Control Unit are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 14:00, 12 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Outbreak Control Unit
Abbreviation: OCU
Group Numbers: 11 Active Soldiers
Leadership: Sergeant Wayman is the Platoon Commander and there are two Squad Leaders. However, every soldier has an opinion but also a duty.
Goals: To eradicate as many zombies as possible and to preserve survivor life.
Recruitment Policy: Click here to join!
Contact: Sergeant Wayman

No Longer Operating

The OCU have disbanded since December 2007. The elite remnants of the group are reforming with a new ethos, but will still be a survivor group primarily. More will be announced soon, along with a new website which will bring features to the land of the living.

TinyURL, Forum and Radio

tinyurl.com/ys7kv7 - Link that appears on graffiti.

www.html-webs.com/ocu - Link to forum.

Frequency 26.30 offers access to the OCU dispatch. This is used for members and sometimes the public to communicate.

A Note to Viewers

Firstly, we, at the OCU would just like to state that we are not strictly a group, think of us as more of a small platoon of soldiers who tend to run our own affairs and operations. Kind of like the COGS in that pre-outbreak video game Gears of War. Do not criticise our numbers, we like to have a close-knit community of just friends. However, please do not let this stop you from applying, we are always happy to find more friends! Also, everybody here follows the same objectives, since we are small we can get organised and get everybody working together. A disadvantage to being a large group is that most of your members just freely wander around with your group tag but not actually working as a team.

Our Policy

Life cultism is okay, fighting in orange and red zones is the only way to play this game (especially important since overall there are more survivors than zombies), you should only fight in green and yellow zones if your in training, combat revives are acceptable, pking can be allowed in circumstances such as bounty hunting and death cultism and finally, if you like killing zombies, join us!

Our policy on membership is if you want to remain in a fireteam, stay active, and if you go MIA in Malton, you are removed from the group completely.


The Capital Punishment Act

When it is required that a summary execution is required to be carried out. It should be assumed that it is up to the job of the nearest member with sufficient energy to definitely fulfil the act. Not performing an execution is punishable by disciplinary action. All execution subjects must be told of their crime and how it is OCU doing the execution.

The Anti-Barhah Act

All zombies (except those on the roster and those who are at a revive point) are 'fair game' to be killed without formal or summary execution and it is heavily encouraged that you do kill zombies. Zombies with brain rot who are at regular revive points are also included in the attack policy.

The Murder Act

It is an offence to kill for no reason, or an unjustified reason. Those who appear on the rogues gallery are 'fair game' to be killed as long as a summary execution is carried out. If a member of OCU was to recieve information on a so called 'PK raid' or is to observe a group known to perform such violent acts in an area. It is an offence not to report it to other members of the OCU or another law enforcement authority such as the MPD.

The Death Cultism Act

Anybody who takes part in the act of death cultism, that is to say anybody who aids the zombies or is in fact a Barhah supporter in human form, will be given a summary execution when it is judged there has been sufficient evidence provided by another member.

The Fallen Protection Act

It is an offence to kill a zombie awaiting revival and are doing so by waiting at a revive point. Those with brain rot are exempt from this protection. The punishment for killing the protected fallen is death by summary execution at the hands of the OCU.

The Duties Act

Each member of OCU is duty bound to follow their role in the group. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

The Barricading Act

Anybody who is caught breaching a barricade policy in an area where the OCU are patrolling or otherwise staying in, will be put on a list, persistent offenders will be given a summary execution. All members of the OCU are also asked to maintain barricades in headquarters and field bases whenever possible.

The Mission of the OCU

Protect Fort Creedy.

Protect the OCU Compound in Vinetown.

Keep a connection between these two places in Pegton using St. Elisabeths and St. Matthews Hospitals.

We have two functions, humanitarian and militant. We maintain structures of significance and try to provide medical aid when possible, especially to the infected. Our militant arm deals with dispensing justice and protecting these structures. A special operations arm for the elite combines these two tasks by assaulting a key point and bringing it operational.

News and Events

After over a month with no leadership, the highest ranking officer avaliable Mike Carson has gained taken emergency command power to declare himself leader of the group.

His first order is simple. All members of the OCU are released from the command structure. The group no longer exists in any coherent form, and as such is no longer governed by its statutes. Group Dismissed.


We will be organising a trip right into the northwest red zone of Malton. The purpose of this trip is to kill as many zombies as possible, before we all end up dead. We accept anybody, member or not, that is not a bountied PK'er to come on the trip. Bring your own guns, axes, bullets, generators, fuel, toolkits, FAK's, syringes and anything else which may help. The Outbreak Control Unit will provide their own equipment to the group as well.

Current Mission - Vicious Vendetta

Click here for mission information.

Mission currently suspended, get to Fort Perryn men! Double time!!!

Mall-under attack-small.jpg

[84,89] - [86,91] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Fort Perryn
Gatehouse EHB, under survivor hands. Spacexplorer145 (talk) 01:41, 15 October 2021 (UTC)

16th December 2007

This is a call to all survivors willing to fight for Vinetown. We reasonably believe that although the second big bash has passed by, there is a zombie threat coming from somewhere. Zombies are hiding inside police stations in disturbingly large numbers. This is a beckoning to all survivors. Rally up at Gelasius General Hospital, St. Johns Cathedral and Goodford Road Police Department. This little area is an ideal place to put up a stand and it holds key buildings to the area. We also ask that people keep an eye out on the mall, which is a likely location for an attack.


23rd November 2007

Operation Sharpshooter complete. New mission will be beginning soon, information on this mission is confidential and access to it is only available to OCU members and some allies. All we will say is that the mission is close to Vinetown and Creedy.

1st November 2007

We are still working on Operation Sharpshooter. Trying to run four police stations in an orange/red zone with skeleton crews is very tough. Especially with the amount of times the mall is trashed. We plan to stay there until the big bash arrives at Fort Creedy, then we shall be there. We will run the police stations, but it is ill advised to sleep there, they are assaulted frequently and we have given up with supplying power, it makes them too big a target and too much time is consumed, for now.

Break into the evidence rooms, smash open the armouries, all of this in the dark! We are here to stay!

21st October 2007

Operation Red Cross is temporarily suspended. Operation Sharpshooter is re-opened. We have Caunt Street Police Department and plan to keep it. This is the time soldiers, we need to get Mitchem Mall back now!

6th October 2007

Operation Sharpshooter is temporarily suspended. It is hard to call the operation a victory due to the loss of the mall, yet we feel it was totally out of our hands at the end of the day. This is because the mall was swarmed by the Feral Undead and many other zeds. We fought for as long as possible, but in the end, most survivors made a retreat. Operation Red Cross beings. We are now in Tollyton to provide aid to the local mall and St Joachim's Hospital. We hope to fight to defend the mall and use it as a source of medical supplies, which will then be used at the hospital to provide aid to the hospital. We will be using surgery to make sure we get the most out of the equipment we have. This will also mean that we will maintain security at the hospital and provide it with the electricity needed.

3rd October 2007

This is a distress call to all those in or near Vinetown. Please gather your strength at Mitchem Mall. There is a large zombie presence in this area and the outlying suburbs and they are constantly assaulting the mall. It is an important asset, please help us protect it. Last count was 44 living zombies outside SE mall with 44 bodies on the same square. Lord only knows what is elsewhere ready to storm us. Please help!

25th September 2007

Operation Helping Hand successful. Operation Sharpshooter begins. Some members of the OCU will set up a temporary base of command in Blesley Mall - Gulsonside and use it for a source of munitions. Every day, they will emerge from this base, charge right into Vinetown and shoot/headshot any members of the Militant Order of Barhah they see, as well as any other zombie causing trouble in Vinetown. Our objective will be the reclamation of Caunt Street Police Department. It will then be kept at EHB level for any other able bodied men/women to use as a safehouse, while we clean up the rest of the area. After getting that building, keeping it barricaded will be our top priority.

REPORT - We were delayed by a siege on Blesley Mall, now this has been cleaned up, we will continue with the operation and do some work in Osmondville.

5th September 2007

New HQ set up at Warehouse 83,41 in Pitneybank, to aid in the defence of Fort Creedy and Giddings Mall. Will be operating the local revive points shortly.

3rd September 2007

Evacuated Rhodenbank due to the significant increase in zombie activity there. We also found a better location down in Pitneybank. Operation Helping Hand begins.


The OCU is a small close-knit team who work together to help others. We spend our time that we are not on the field in our HQ or somewhere near to Fort Creedy. We carry out operations all over Malton in the areas that require some assistance.

Active Roster


The Commander is the leader of the platoon, he writes the plans and gives out the orders. A Commander must also be proven in combat or another field of expertise.

Sergeant Wayman (H) (25) (50) (100) (PH) (V) (*) {P} (-->) - Recon

Special Operations:

Special Operations is the squad to join for additional responsibilities to your squad work. Those in special operations have a single purpose, take buildings back with brute force, and then rebuild the place. They will be assigned to assault a building that is deemed vvery dangerous and then will reclaim it for the OCU and other survivors.

Sergeant Wayman (H) (25) (50) (PH) (V) (*) {P} (-->) - Grunt/Recon

OFREX - Grunt (H)

Cirus the Virus (H) (25) (PH) (*) {P} (-->) - Engineer

Xack Acacia (H) {P} (*) (-->) - Grunt/Engineer/Medic

Daniel Kilbane (H) (25) {P} - Grunt

Fireteam Alpha (Blue):

The motto of Fireteam Alpha is "Communication is paramount."

Feedersoul (H) (25) (*) {P} (-->) - Grunt (Squad Leader)

Xack Acacia (H) {P} (*) (-->) - Grunt/Engineer/Medic (Corporal)

Also Bob - Grunt (Private)

Cirus the Virus (H) (25) (PH) (*) {P} (-->) - Engineer (Private/Chief Engineer)

Jack Acacia - Medic (Private)

Fireteam Bravo (Red):

The motto of Fireteam Bravo is "Search and destroy."

Mike Carson (25) (H) (PH) (*) (-->) {P} - Grunt/Medic (Squad Leader)

Detective Merp (H) (*) {D} (25) (PH) (-->) - Grunt/Medic (Corporal)

Michael Dante - Grunt (Private)

OFREX - Grunt (Private)

Daniel Kilbane - Grunt (H) (25) {P} (Private)


(H) - A medal awarded to those who are trained soldiers and can pull off a nasty blow to the head!

(25) - A medal awarded to those who have proved their worth in combat by defeating 25 enemies of the OCU!

(50) - A medal awarded to those who have butchered 50 enemies of the OCU!

(100) - A medal awarded to those who have started a genocide by obliterating 100 enemies of the OCU!

(+) - A medal awarded to those who have patched up countless wounds!

(=+=) - A medal awarded to those who are the true masters of medicine and first aid, they have saved many lives!

(S) - A medal awarded to those who are the good samaritans of Malton!

(=S=) - A medal awarded to those who have performed countless good deeds towards the people of Malton!

{P} - A police badge awarded to veteran police officers! (only 1 badge per person)

{M} - A medic badge awarded to veteran hospital workers! (only 1 badge per person)

{F} - A firefighters badge awarded to veteran firefighters! (only 1 badge per person)

{N} - A necrotech badge awarded to veteran necrotech employees! (only 1 badge per person)

{S} - A security badge awarded to veteran mall security guards! (only 1 badge per person)

{D) - A defence badge awraded the veteran fort defenders! (only 1 badge per person)

(PH) - A medal awarded to those who have been defeated in combat but fought bitterly under exceptional circumstances!

(-->) - A medal awarded to those who have been in a Vanguard, who have fought in the 'red zone' for extended periods!

(V) - A medal awarded to those veterans who have mastered all that is possible!

(*) - A medal awarded to those who have proved themselves to others of the OCU by serving alongside them!

(=*=) - A medal awarded to the true hero of the OCU and must be nominated by their peers!


Warehouse 83,41 and Fort Creedy

Warehouse 83,41 is also known as the Pitneybank Base. It is convenient due to it being adjacent to Giddings Mall and not too far from Fort Creedy. We always have people operating in this area since the fort is our first priority over everything else.

Pegton Medical Centre

St. Matthew's Hospital and St. Elisabeth's Hospital in Pegton are part of a medical zone where, when possible, we have a surgeon on duty. Pegton is currently a hot spot for zombies and the local hospitals and NT building are under constant attack, therefore we keep St. Matthew's at EHB in an emergency and St. Elisabeth's at EHB at all times. If you do not have free running, please visit one of the other local hospitals or the one in Vinetown. This hospital is for veteran survivors working on the defence of the Rowcliffe Building in times of war.

OCU Compound - Vinetown

Caunt Street Police Department, Ling Boulevard Police Department, Hartleys Boulevard Police Department and Goodford Road Police Department are in Vinetown, another hot spot for zombies. These are used as points for the locals to gather arms and take shelter when protecting the local mall. We keep these building at various barricade levels based on their location and what the town needs.

The actual compound is comprised of St Johns Cathedral, Goodford Road Police Department, The Cork Building, Ling Boulevard Police Department and Gelasius General Hospital. The entry point is the Daniels Museum, overcade and we will bring it down again.

The compound is our main headquarters and is the place you will be most likely to find us.


Recruit - People fresh out of the application process! You get autopromoted after being in this state for 72 hours.

Private - The young bloods out of basic training just raring to go! They follow orders, with no additional responsibility. Can apply for promotion with acceptance based on majority vote of all active soldiers.

Corporal - These guys have proved themselves to the others of the platoon. They are similar to privates except they have an apprentice. They can choose a raw recruit to become their apprentice and they explain the basics to them, provide them help during their first days until they become a private. When not taking people on as apprentices, they are found in charge of looking after a building, leaving them command of anybody they are superior to in rank. Can apply for promotion with acceptance based on majority vote of all active soldiers.

Sergeant - The grizzled veterans who have progressed as far as they can within the ranks. They are in charge of one of the two fireteams in the platoon. This means there can only be two sergeants at this current position in time. They are the go-to guy for anybody within their fireteam. They only answer to the commander. Promotion further is not definite.

Commander - This is the person who holds responsibility of the entire platoon, comes up with the ideas and is expected to die first, due to dedication. There is usually only one commander within the platoon, however, this may change in the future.

Possible Jobs

Grunt - The general fighting force. They are trained to defeat the enemy head on.

Recon - The scout. They use skills and equipment that aid with gathering intel and can use stealth.

Medic - The healer. Capable of patching up the most severe of wounds and reversing zombification.

Engineer - The support soldier. Repairs, barricades, installs generators, fuels them and so on.


CDF.jpg Creedy Defense Force
Outbreak Control Unit is affiliated with the Creedy Defense Force and fully supports the destruction of all zombie unlife in Malton.

Police Helmet1.jpg Malton Police Departments Group
This user or group supports the MPDG in their attempt at restoring law and order in Malton.

We are allies with the Creedy Defence Force.

We are allied with M.E.R.C.Y.

We support the MPDG

We support the 151st Brigade.

We support the Channel 4 News Team.

We support those living in Fort Creedy and Giddings Mall who are not at war with us or Trenchies.

We are hostile towards anybody who shoots a member of the OCU or our friends. Don't do it. Our numbers do not mean we cannot put a bullet in the back of your head.

We are hostile towards ANY zombie not seeking a revive or any zombie we are not on a friendly term with. The method of attack is KoS.


The uniform is not compulsory, but helps with identification and presence. If wearing a beret, wear blue for alpha squad, red for bravo, green for special operations. Grunts could try wearing green, tan, khaki or camouflage jackets and trousers. Medics could try a doctors coat, facemasks and mirrors. Engineers could wear labcoats or overalls. Recon could try black jackets and trousers. Finally special ops could wear their job uniform with a gas mask or some night vision goggles. Boots are recommended in general uniform.

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