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Outside Mobile Connections

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OMC Members

IMPORTANT: Any members of Outside Mobile Connections is constantly putting thier life on the line.

The following table lists the Top members with Outside Mobile Connections. If you happen to depart from the group be sure to delete your profile or change your "Current Status" with one of the following indicators:

  • On Active Duty - Survivor shows group affiliation as OMC and has appropriate level for date joined.
  • Inactive - Survivor shows group affiliation as OMC, but is not active (i.e. low level vs date joined).
  • AWOL - Survivor does not show group affiliation as OMC, but is still active. kill on sight.
  • Joined (blank) - Survivor was with the OMC, but has left to join a new group, in this case it will be removed.

Please note the following... if your status is listed as On Active Duty*, then you are a member of the OMC, but YOUR GROUP NAME IS SPELLED WRONG. Please fix it to read: Outside Mobile Connections. Nothing else. Thanks.

When adding the new top members be sure to add their name to the bottom of the top members list.

Character Name Level Date Joined Current Status
mrdan Lvl NA Beginning On Active Duty
storm15 Lvl NA Beginning On Active Duty
ethan15 Lvl NA Beginning On Active Duty
Barabra Lvl NA Begining Inactive
Chris' 'Redfield Lvl NA Beginning On Active Duty
Cleansing Flame Lvl NA Beginning On Active Duty
lantzicus Lvl NA April 2, 2007 On Active Duty

OMC Allies

The following table lists every group and belief that has is associated with the Outside Mobile Connections, whether they are member groups of the AN, other allied groups, or strike teams.:

AN Ordinary Allies Strike teams

ANFlag.jpg AN
This user or group is an affiliate of the Allied Nations.

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