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Outside Mobile Connections

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Operation retake dentonside

attempt to rebuild dentonside. simple...enough

Operation A.N.WG

Attempt to create W. Greyside as a green place. We Will establish an A.N meeting point in the stadium there as well as an HQ in the stadium for a resting station.

Operation Zack Attack

Become a zombie and raid a known suspected building that does not have a museum permit, without killing a single survivor, destroy the artifacts and leave.

Operation Mobile 1

Clean out all Mobile Phone Mast buildings and supply them with a generator and a radio transmitter, the send recons to every suburb to inspect the masts.

Operation Undead strike

This operation entails becoming the undead, but not killing innocent people. we will clear out every building that is not a phone mast or a museum of museum goods. then rebarricade to help the survivors live.

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