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Outside Mobile Connections

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Outside mobile connections technician and survival handbook


Section 1

The anatomy of a mobile phone mast

  • In every suburb in the city of Malton there is a building that carries a mobile phone mast.

these buildings are usually the first priority of attacks from the reanimated dead, causing a possible "dead air" effect, meaning that no suburbs in Malton will be able to use mobile phones. why? The object known as a mobile phone can only work when the sender is inside of a suburb that has a fully working powered mast. when the mast is destroyed, obviously, no survivor may send messages.

  • There are essentially 5 parts for a successfully maintained mast.

Location, Security, Power, Fuel, Technician

  • Location

-Where is your suburbs Mobile Phone Mast ? this is the most basic of knowledge required to the hope of rebuilding Malton's communications array. Otherwise, survivors will be barricading the wrong building and supplying that with power, as it does nothing for the suburb. Masts can be seen from the outside, and inside, of the building stating that there is a large phone mast on top of it. Also, you can simply check your suburb's wiki page to see for yourself.

  • Security

-In a code red situation like this, The government has admitted for the first time that it cannot provide security to Survivors of the quarantined Malton and has urged all survivors to barricade any building possible for survival. in the beginning they only wanted people in their homes and to avoid places that could be easily looted [such as police stations], but now they encourage that anywhere will do. To obtain security for a phone mast you must Barricade the building. although some survivor groups and individuals would disapprove of the next statement, there is no denial that it is true. For the best security of your mobile phone mast we urge that YOU KEEP THE MAST'S HOST BUILDING AT THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE BARRICADE!. this way it is hard for the Mast to get damaged in any way. EXPERIENCED SURVIVALISTS SHOULD BE THE ONES TO PROTECT THE BUILDING. This is one of the reasons that the OMC only allows survivors with a level 9 experience with knowledge of free running, into their employment. less experienced survivors sometimes make stupid mistakes. such as, if they do not yet know how Free Running works then they will attempt to lower the barricades or get trapped outside of the building. Your building should be protected from maniacs and dead alike. some survivors will attempt to destroy the mast, as well as kill employees in the building [either by doing it directly, or lowering the Barricades]. the is the second most important part of the mast.

  • Power

-next is your power source. most of Malton does not have electricity due to the mass blackout from the defected power stations. so where can you find electricity to power your building and mast? Attempt to search in factories, warehouses, and fire stations. eventually you will find a portable generator that you can set up inside of the mast to power the building. these generators are commonly used in buildings to turn on the lights and increase search odds inside of buildings other that mobile phone masts. Like NT buildings, when are powered can record undead activity and revive more accurately. But be careful, Generators run on a limited amount of fuel and must be refilled when it begins to run low.

  • Fuel

-This tedious object can be commonly found in: Auto repair shops, factories, and carparks. it is recommended that fuel tanks be kept in your inventory at all times. being that some masts are located far from a fruitful area to find fuel.

  • Technician

-the least important part, but simply the most useful is the technician. Simply, a person who rebuilds and observes the status of the mast. a survivor or employee. As this handbook has said before in "security" it is advised that highly experienced employees or survivors should run this building. if you choose not to stay full time in this building, then you should check on this building every once and a while as to make sure nothing has diverted. Feel free to add a radio transmitter or decorations into the building for value and comfort in your time in Malton.

Section 2

Survival In the quarantine

  • note:"Survivor Groups in Malton" will be added to the next section even though they are a good way to survive in the Quarantine zone.
  • Apart from the technician training, the best of knowledge and skill to have is how to survive. many dangers await in the quarantine zone, as well as many mysteries. Being prepared for them can save your life.
  • first off, you want to find a safehouse. this can be most anywhere, but it must be inside of a fortified building. standing outside is never a good idea. BE CONCEALED FROM THE UNDEAD they have the ability to hunt down those who go outside of buildings, so spend as little time outside as possible. Learn the abilty known as Free running as quick as possible.
  • there are many different Building Types in the quarantine zone. This handbook divides them into 4 categories.

Homes, Hiding places, War zones, and resource buildings

  • Homes are places that have no particular significance other than personal preference. These are places like churches, Metro stations, and cinemas. Or larger complexes such as mansions or cathedrals. they have no significant meaning or use, as you can only find a small array of useful items in them and the rest being of almost no use. [such as the crucifix] these are most common along with hiding places, but for some reason are either held bravely by survivors to the death becomeing war zones, or made by groups to be entry points and not to barricade up to certain points.
  • Hiding places are commonly found on the very outside border of Malton. they are usually deserted and have randomly high or low barricades. buildings of no particular use like homes can be used as hiding places because they have no meaning. The feral undead as well as the cooperative undead would have no reason to attack it as they do not expect that anyone would be in such an unfruitful place. But be careful, Pker's Malton slang from Murderers and maniacs tend to hide in these places as well. when hiding from fanatics and maniacs, it is recommended you hide in very densely populated areas, like malls.
  • War zones are probably some of the most populated areas. Regardless of weather the population be undead, murderers, individuals, or groups [fanatic or assembled]. these places commonly are: the 2 military forts, The power stations, Malls, and other large complexes listed under "homes" that are defended without reason such as cathedrals and mansions. most group activities take place in these war zones to defend the point for the belief that it will help all survivors or undead in the end. the fighting usually is a few quick strikes from either side, and a lull in the battle while the other side will eventually come back with more powerful troops to fight with. while some individuals and murderers just come to these places to wreak havok, and not get hunted for it, many come there to fight for just and injust causes. war zones can take place anywhere, as long as both sides of the population is large and willing to fight for the position.
  • resource buildings take up a little more than a quarter of Malton's suburbs. Defended strongly by the survivors of the quarantine, they give extremely useful items to not only fight with, but to make peace with. these places are: police stations, hospitals, auto repair shops, factories, fire stations, malls, and possible NT buildings [note:NT buildings are known as even territory in the next section]. These buildings supply anything from guns, ammo, and CqC items [close quarter Combat] to drinks, medkits, and radios.

Section 2.5

Survival techniques and technicalities

  • Certain buildings are stuffed full of the departed and reanimated comrades, like NT buildings, but is that a bad thing? it depends, it only is when it is ransacked. these buildings can help the undead become live again, but that is spoken about in a later section.
  • using items efficiently

there are many different types of Items. This handbook will go over the more useful ways to use the limited amount of actually helpful equipment.


  • find these in police stations, always carry extra ammo, because you will run out fast! keep a few pistols and shotguns with you even though they may not be loaded, and on less eventful days, spend all your energy focusing on finding and reloading your guns.


  • found in schools and auto repair shops, experience can be gained by spraypainting the sides of certain buildings and billboards. writing on the outside of a building in paint is commonly used as signals for passers by to see that is was a safehouse, or mostly just random obscenities. But that is not useful. when Spraying the outside give directions to the nearest revive point, or create a revive point. Signal that the building you are spraying on is an "advertised safehouse" meaning that everyone including the dead know that it is, or even spray directions to clear a building and to spraypiant warnings for murderers. on the inside, orders to how high the barricades should be, the radio station, or group names, and warnings. spamming is not helpful anywhere.


  • always good to see what is going on a few blocks away when you dont want to leave your building. Get yourself a pair of these and sit in tall places to just see. found in random places....

FLARES AND SIGNALS keep at least one of these, if your safehouse or mast is low on barricades and under attack, go outside and fire this into the air, or at last resort fire is as a defense against an attacker. found in fire dept. and police stations


  • these can be found in the tech store in malls, as well as fire dept. They are a good furnishing to have in your safehouse set to the channel that usually is the local station. Aside from the spam, you can get some news about upcoming hordes of undead, warnings of pkers, and communications with your group. keep the generator fueled. Make sure that you change the channel to the most effective to where you are.

Mobile Phones

  • Probably the best form of one on one communication. Though it requires a mast, you as a technician and employee of OMC or MalTel or even a random survivor, will need this valuable communicator. They can be found in Warehouses, Clubs, and junkyards [thrown out by the recently occupied city]. you need to add someone to a friendly contact, and have them add you as a friendly contact, and if the mast if operational, then you will be able to send a text message to them. noone but you and them can see this message. contacts are listed in a box on your phone.


  • A very nice investment into your safehouse, powers the lights, and increases the search odds, but the lights are visible from the outside, attracting zombies, but it helps you in the end. in certain buildings they power decorations or lights and in cinemas they even play movies for you. In NT buildings they power the computers for necronet access to record zombie movement with your DNA scanner and can revive rotting brain zombies.


  • DNA scanners show you who the zombie being scanned is. if the zombie has brain rot, you cannot read their name as their cortex is damaged, so you cannot revive them. needles revive zeds. proper NT procedures will be listed in a later chapter.


  • found in hospital, use on others or yourself to cure infections or otherwise.

Section 3

Survivor mentality and teamwork

  • Bonds between survivors can be made several ways. some good, some bad. Survivors of the quarantine like to be treated as they are. human. So every once and a while, pass around a few beers and talk, heal some wounded people, and put on a movie or 2. this will eventually develop a group that treats the suburb like home, and will expand to protecting that area. Creating survivor groups. They tend to be for the common goal in Malton, be that it be killing murderers and zombies to being murderers and killing bounty hunters. either way there is a bond between the group and alliances begin.
  • Survivor groups rely on teamwork. there is no doubt about that. If the group is that of murderers they tend to share the same hunt, or if the group is trying to protect a hospital, they tend to all try and attack the hospital. though this is just the obvious, some people think once they are in a group they can do whatever the hell they want. that is very...very wrong. Murderers are commonly hunted by a system called the "rouges gallery". and will not be forgiven until killed.

Section 4


  • those who fail in their mission to survive in malton, are killed in 3 possible ways. these are: suicide, murder, and being eaten by the undead. Usually, we would leave behind the dead, and think not to communicate with them, or even try to help. But with the help of a vast system of technological advancements thanks to NecroTech we are now able to revive the undead.
  • Common knowledge before reviving an undead companion or survivor;
  1. leave behind the body, or dump it outside. You can give them instructions for where to go later. otherwise they can and will eat you.
  2. those who die of an infection, will have an infection when revived.
  3. Know who you should not revive, reviving maniacs tends to get a bit tedious...
  4. to find out who you are reviving, use a DNA scanner on the undead. if it shows up as you are unable to, the zombie cannot be revived unless they are inside an NT building.
  5. All NT equipment can be found in NT buildings in certain suburbs.
  6. every once and a while, upload you DNA scanner findings into the necronet database. It helps show where most zombies may go and creates a map of the undead movement.
  • proper procedures when reviving the undead or a fallen comrade [in order]:
  1. have proper equipment ready
  2. [if inside a building full of undead] do the following quickly!
  4. if rotted do not revive unless inside an Un-ransacked NT building
  5. when sure, inject the zombie with the syringe. (warning this is very tiring!)
  6. if it was infected, make sure to heal before reviving.
  7. find safehouse.



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