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PANTHER is broken into the Six Corps, each commanded by a Captain and each with their own specialization.

1st Infantry Corp

The Main Battle Force of PANTHER. Your job is to kill zombies inside buildings, clearing the way for rebuilding.
Standard Equipment:2 FAKS, Radio, Axe, as many Shotguns, Pistols, and as much Ammo as you can carry.

Chaplain Corp

Sometimes the zombies get you. That's where the Chaplain Corp comes in, keeping us Revived and breathing so we can keep taking the fight to the Zombie Scum.
Standard Equipment:Radio, Axe, 20 FAKS, 20 Revive Syringes, DNA Extractor.

Engineer Corp

The Engineers keep our buildings Repaired and Powered.
Standard Equipment:2 FAKS, Radio, Axe, Toolbox, Portable Generator, Fuel Can.

Intelligence Corp

Don't like to shoot things? Don't like to Repair things? Just like to look around a lot? Then the Intelligence Corp is for you. Keeps us informed of the situation on the ground, vital for all the other Corps to function at their best!
Standard Equipment:2 FAKS, Radio, Axe, Binoculars, DNA Extractor.

Marshal Corp

PANTHER Police force. Maintains the Laws of Dulston among the living.
Standard Equipment:

Medical Corp

Like healing others? Then the Medical Corp is for you. Keeps us all healthy during the bad times with ambulance runs during the fight!
Standard Equipment:40 FAKS, Radio, Axe.