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Rank Requirements Min Lvl
Prospect None 1
Private 3rd Class Basic Firearms Training, Free Running & Construction 3
Private 2nd Class Shotgun Training & Pistol Training. 5
Private 1st Class Advanced Shotgun Training, Advanced Pistol Training & Hand to Hand Combat. 8
Sergeant Headshot, Axe Proficiency, Diagnosis & Necrotech Employment. 12
Major Surgery, Lab Experience, Lurching Gait & Ankle Grab. 16
Captain Promotion by General 20
General Promotion by General as his replacement. 20

Prospect: New Member.

Private 3rd Class:

Private 2nd Class:

Private 1st Class:


Major: This is your goal when joining PANTHER. A Major is considered a full Member.

Captain: In charge of a Corp.

General: In Overall Command.