Primary Armed Reconnaissance Division

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Primary Armed Reconnaissance Division is disbanded mofo
Restoring Peace and Freedom


Primary Armed Reconnaissance Division
Abbreviation: PARD
Group Numbers: 8
Leadership: Saint Murphy
Goals: To restore peace and freedom to Dakerstown.
Recruitment Policy: Dedicated Members Only
Contact: PARD Forums

- PARD: Primary Armed Reconnaissance Division

Operated out of several locations within Dakerstown, PARD is dedicated to keeping the people safe and out of harms way. Through protecting resource buildings, administering first aid, reviving the fallen, taking care of local thugs or clearing the streets of the infected. PARD is here for you.

01: To protect all survivors.
02: To exterminate all infected.
03: To promote peace between warring groups.
04: To maintain quick revivification points.

- Operations


  • PARD SHARED COMBAT FREQUENCY operates at 28.53 MHz. This is the permanent frequency for this group and is used to transmit combat data. This frequency is open to anyone to use and to request aid.
  • Please leave all transmitters in PARD controlled areas set to 28.53 MHz.

- Turf

Designated protection zone of PARD. To be protected at all costs.

- Resource Buildings

  • 01 The Pask Building

- Points of Interest

  • 01. The Oakes Museum.

- Revive Points

  • 01. Leeworthy Park ; Urban Guerrillas

- Barricade Levels

  • 01. The Oakes Museum ; Extremely Heavily
  • 02. A Warehouse ; Extremely Heavily
  • 03. A Junkyard ; Very Strongly
  • 04. Tolly Library ; Extremely Heavily
  • 05. The Chitty Motel ; Extremely Heavily
  • 06. The Pask Building ; Extremely Heavily
  • 07. Snook Alley Railway Station ; Extremely Heavily

- Objective Guide Lines

  • 01. Keep all buildings barricaded according to plan.
  • 02. Keep tags in all of the buildings within PZA1.
  • 03. Keep generators fueled in The Pask Building and Oakes Museum.
  • 04. Keep transmitter in Oakes Museum set to 28.53 MHz.
  • 05. Keep tags on all locations except Leeworthy Park.

- Graffiti Policy

  • Officially Approved PARD tags throughout Dakerstown are listed below:

  • 01. WWW.PARDS.TK - General use INT/EXT.
  • 02. PARD REVIVE POINT! - For dedicated revive points.
  • 03. PARD / VS ONLY! For entrance points INT/EXT.
  • 04. PARD RADIO @ 28.53 MHz - For buildings with radio transmitters INT.
  • 05. PZA1 BORDER / WWW.PARDS.TK - For areas directly on the border of the PZA1 INT/EXT.

- Allies and Associates

- Want to join?

We ask nothing of you but to follow the guidelines and to work towards the goals of PARD.

If you are interested post your ID on the public forum and we will respond shortly.

Members are encouraged to recruit fellow survivors to further the cause.
New players are welcome! Preferably dedicated

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