PA Posse

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PA Posse
Pa posse.jpg
Abbreviation: PA'ers
Group Numbers: <10
Leadership: Total Anarchy
Goals: Mutual aid
Recruitment Policy: Open to all survivors.
Contact: Political Animal Forum

PA Posse, survive, revive!

PA Posse is a small group of dedicated survivors who watch each others backs as they roam the city of Malton.

The membership of the PA Posse has dwindled of late, however there is a small, but dedicated, band centred around their revive point in Mockridge Heights.

The first priority for the group is securing, and barricading buildings for new members, and other low level survivors in order to keep them off the streets of Malton. Care is taken not to over-barricade areas, as this is almost as effective in killing survivors as no barricades at all. A barricade plan has been written up, in conjunction with the Black Berets for Mockridge Heights, please help to keep the barricade levels consistent, at least for entry points.

We have a well established core of revivers and surgeons umoungst our ranks, ready to come running if any one of us should fall victim to the many hordes of Malton. If you are near the Mockridge Heights revive point, turn up and put in a request (or just queue), otherwise contact us on revive point page by leaving a profile link.

Good hunting.

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