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Welcome to Surgeon General Anja Arnheim's Restoration Programs Page, Anja is probably one of the friendliest neutrals you will ever meet. If you ended up on this page by accident, please go the Anja's (User:Anja_Arnheim) page for more information or just return to the main screen by clicking the Urban Dead icon in the upper left hand corner of your browser. This is Anja's Restoration Program page, where Anja will currently list the areas and services in which she are operating. The services which Anja offers differs from operation to operation, so be sure to read the terms accordingly.


Anja is currently operating in the Darvall Heights area. Anja has received numerous requests to help the survivors in this suburb, but her first aid kits are not just for the survivors. As always, she is there for everybody. On the side of the survivors are the famous Soldiers of Crossman, multiple DEM units, and the Army Control Corps. As far as Anja knows, the zombies are just random. No pattern or group has yet to be identified as a major opposition.

Flying over Darvall Heights... On my magic broom... Seeing most of structures in outer Darvall Heights look intact but unlit... Most structures in central Darvall Heights are ruined... Zombies most likely number in the 60's...

Darvall Heights Preservation Program: Anja + Multiple Survivor Groups V. Zombies

No signatures are required for this plan, as the survivor groups do not have an option to refuse medical service.

Preserving Darvall Heights: Health Care Plan

Anja, now solo, is heading to Darvall Heights in an attempt to put a median between two active and aggressive enemies, offering revives to both sides, as well as health kits for everybody. The Soldiers of Crossman, Army Control Corps, and other survivor groups get priority care. If you would like to be revived, please ask on the discussion page. Otherwise, Anja makes frequent trips, and you will be healed in no time.

Revive in Darvall Heights:

Obviously big things are happening in Darvall Heights at the moment. I have needles ready for you, and you can get them within five minutes should you need such assistance. Revives offered on demand. Please use these points in Darvall Heights, as they will be frequently visited by needles.

-Lilly Square

-Teek Road


Previous Operations:

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