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Physical Hindrance Offensive Benefitting Intransigent Anarchy
Abbreviation: PHOBIA
Group Numbers: 8ish.
Leadership: Mr Watt.
Goals: Spreading confusion and death to the citizens of Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Currently recruiting Killers.
Contact: Our Forums are here Or just use the Discussion page.
Current Activity: Culling the herds of sheeple.



What is PHOBIA?

PHOBIA is a group of sociopaths, deviants, serial killers, and general malcontents that have been brought together by the disaster in Malton. It is said that they get a kind of sick pleasure out of creating fear in the humans that are struggling to survive. What twisted circumstances of fate could allow such a diabolical and unholy gathering of souless monsters? God only knows and he ain't talking.

Leaders and the leadership role.

Although it is said that Mr Watt, a remorseless serial killer and sexual predator, was the one to bring this group of brutalistic murderers together, they do not have a dictorial arrangment. All reports indicate that there seems to be a type of group consensus when going after other groups. Sporadic reports have filtered through Malton that they typically operate as independants until a large force is deemed necesary to deal with a serious problem affecting individual members.

Brief History

Research into where these lunatics came from in the first place has uncovered some startling revelations. A majority of the members were tenants of the State Corrections Facility for the Criminally Insane. Ironically, the CFCI facility was not located in Malton. As a part of the seemingly endless number of incredibly improbable disasters to simultaneously befall Malton, the three mini-vans that were being used to transport the men and women from a research center back to their detention at the Correction facility happened to be traveling through the center of town when the outbreak first occured. Due to the irresponsible nature of the reporting that took place in those first few hours of the outbreak the citizenry was incited into a state of panicked hysteria, rioting, and looting. The chaos that followed did much to bring any vehicular transportation to a complete standstill. The vehicles were more than a match for the Zeds soft, fleshy, prying fingers, but the minds of the drivers and their shotgun escorts proved much less immune to the combination of the scenes of unbeleivable violence, cannabolism, gore, murder, and mayhem parading by them in the streets on the other side of their windows and the maniacal chatter, laughter and commentary emminating from behind them by the other occupants of their van. The men and women with the responsibility to transport these people that they didn't consider as being worth the cost of the gas it had taken to transport them came to a collective and final decision to bail out and leave the "freaks" to the mercy of the freaks that were starting to surround and rock their vehicles. Seventeen feet. That is the furthest any of them made it. The inmates they were responsible for didn't make it a foot. Mostly because of the shackles that held them in their seats. Unfortunately, as things started to get under relative control, revive teams moved in and did what they were trained to do. You can imagine the strain put on the psyche of those already deranged people as they were snapped back to the hellish nightmare that now passed for reality in Malton. The revive crews, along with the other support personnel didn't stand a chance.

Thinking of joining?

Then you must be as crazy as they!! How could you actually contemplate associating with a group of diseased spirits such as they? If you really are villianous scum then do as you will. Simply add PHOBIA as your Group in the in-game settings. Really, thats all you need to do. Membership Dues are a can of Cheese Whiz.

Ask for addmittance to the forums and you can have it. Activity on the forums is currently low, but the forums are available for members.

Current PHOBIA Members

  • Mr Watt
  • Gus the Gasman
  • Platehead
  • Necrocleanse
  • Okwari Sico
  • Super Secret Agent Dude.
  • Others. Due to the fact that any PKer can add PHOBIA to their in-game group name and that entry to group forums is not mandatory, it is difficult to gather reliable numbers on group size.
  • Members can use this tag on their own pages if they like.
WikiPHOBIAusers.png Danger! Warning!
This Killer is a member of the group PHOBIA! .

Links to individual histories.


luau party in the Hills.

Whats a luau without roast pig? No kind of party at all if you ask us. PHOBIA has begun slaughtering pigs in preperation for a huge luau party. Since the pigs in question are self aggrandizing sheeple piggies in the Dunnel Hills area, the recipe will have to be adjusted through trial and error. This event started on August 3rd and will continue until..........

Skinhead Beatdown

When a lowlife skinhead makes the mistake of insulting a member of PHOBIA he and his bald buddies start to get frequent visits from the mentally disturbed and slightly intoxicated lunatics that make up this alliance of crazies. After a few months of constantly being gut shot with 44s and shotguns the follically and intelectually challenged numbnuts decide to run away from their hideout or just stay down.

March Madness

A prolonged slaughtering of a truly agregious set of mindless Vinetown Sheeple culminated in the targeted herd becoming the butt of jokes all around. Since the killing to satisfaction ratio has begun to plummet, disinterest has started to set in. The whole experience is reminiscent of a small yappy dog that would lose a fight to a new born kitten. This pride of cats will look for more challenging foes.

Aftershock and awe

A few members of PHOBIA return to the sight of the Christmas massacre to inspire sheeple to flee the flock.

Christmass Massacre 2010

Several members of PHOBIA attacked Caiger mall over the Christmas season. Many sheeple were slain and much merriment had by PHOBIA.

PK #350

PHOBIA recorded kill number three hundred and fifty with the violent slaughter of Sister Rita, the leader of MERCY. After a few choice taunts and a head shot that sent the nuns body into inglorious, twitching death throws the PHOBIA member was presented with the award of a half full can of cheese whiz and a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20. Being that it was a special occasion the hibachi was fired up and Rita flank steaks were had by all. Congratulations PHOBIA.

Witt Tower Massacre

Due to the diligent work of one of the Witt Tower Boys a promise of mayhem is made. Beginning May 19th and running through ????--User:Mr Watt/Sig 23:45, 20 May 2009 (BST)

Witt Death count=26
Phobia Death Count=0

Massacre Ends

June 9th, 2009 PHOBIA members decide that 25-0 is a good record for their first declared war. Feeling exalted with all the carnage they unleashed plans are being drawn up for a move through the burbs to quench their special thirst.--Mr Watt 17:28, 9 June 2009 (BST)

Edit: Pyro, the leader of WTB, was seen outside his suburb while one of our members was en route to resupply. Since this went against his bold statement that he and his dont abandon their suburbs, he was killed. So the count is actually 26-0. Now, the massacre is over. Until we think they have had time sufficient to train their skills.
Having decided that enough time had elapsed for this group to have trained up and go to battle again, we were saddened to find they had disbanded and had apparently been killed to a point where revives no longer worked.
We salute your memory Witt Tower Boys. May you find the peace where you are going that we would have never allowed here in Malton.



PHOBIA Members are all off creating their own form of chaos. Mr. Watt is working through PKer missions.

July 25th

Culling the herd is sweet. Two PHOBIA members work their magic in Caiger Mall, slaughtering indiscriminately. A photo of the aftermath was taken and added to the Photo Album. (See Discussion page.)

April 5th

PHOBIA crosses the 500 PK mark with Okwari Sico headshotting Crosbye in the Heeks Motel in Pitneybank. Great shot Sico! Also, Congratulation to all the citizens of Malton who contributed their time and energy in helping to make this happen, may you rest in peices.

March-April 2011

Several members of PHOBIA decided to pummel a number of characters in the Vinetown area that all have the same group name. With a kill ratio of well over 10-1 PHOBIA claims victory over this particular set of characters.

Jan. 25th

Okwari Sico and Mr. Watt hit Caiger Mall during a Zed infestation. After killing off a few sheeple and a little piggie, including an incredible shot with a flare gun by Sico, the generaters in the local NTs were destroy in a move to hamper the herds ability to combat the hordes.


PHOBIA welcomes a new recruit into the ranks. Learn to fear the name Anthony Veryard. Coming soon to a suburb near you.

Jan. 15th

With a great double kill of a couple worthless skinheads, Platehead took PHOBIA to the 400 PK mark. Celebrations rock across the PHOBIA nation.

Jan. 9th

Newest member Okwari Sico records his first kill as a proud member of PHOBIA. Other PHOBIA members are said to have nodded their heads approvingly. A mostly full can of cheese whiz has been sent to our favorite sicko as a "good job".

Jan. 8th

Reports leak in that Mr Watt continues playing with some ACC riff-raff. Other members report in with sheeple culling activity from around Malton.

January 1st 2011

PHOBIA celebrates the New Year with a bakers dozen kills of ACC members and disbands to work seperate areas of Malton for awhile.

December 24th

PHOBIA starts an attack on a group calling themselves the ACC inside the Caiger mall. Many of these solders are mowed down in a small skirmish.

December 15

Arriving in Dulston only to find the inept survivor groups there had allowed disrepair and unsanitary conditions to draw in several small groups of Zombies and to have put up a fight that was more comical than serious Mr Watt turned away in disgust and walked towards the setting sun.

December 13th

Mr Watt, having finally reached spiritual nirvana was seen moving off to deal with some "slanderous sonsuhbitches".

October 2010

Fleeing several Worldwide law agencies and independant mercenary groups for the hienous crimes commited during his year out of Malton, Mr Watt decides that the only place left for him that represents any kind of safety is, ironically enough, inside the zombie infested confines of the city of the damned.


Having escaped from Malton only to be conscripted into the Army to fight several worldwide manaces Mr Watt has officially been declared free of the Malton quarentine.

July 22nd

After spending a month circumnavigating the city of Malton the various members split off in seperate directions to fullfill some individual desires. A group event is planned for the end of the month.

June 15th

With Mr Watts brutal slaying today of Willard J Higgins and David Icke Rock, PHOBIAs PK count hit 300. Break out the good glasses, its time for a short celebration.

June 9th

After completely dominating a short war with the Witt Tower Boys, PHOBIA tires of the easy prey and decides to move to more exciting pastures. Some have talked of a move East. Others think North. We will clean and reload our weapons and maybe the way will be shown to us.

May 25th

Two new members join the ranks of PHOBIA. The claws of the beast become just a little sharper.

May 20

While spreading the word of anarchy through the language of violence in Buttonville and to "the randoms" in particular, several group members have found a small huddling mass of fresh meat that has distracted them like a dying mouse distracts the contented cat. The randoms can enjoy a short reprieve.

May 9th

Mr Watt and newly enrolled member Gus the Gasman went out for a night on the town. After slamming down a couple of burgers and playfully commiting some acts of battery on a few residents they stumbled into a den of some truely worthless looking individuals. Mr Watt decided to set a good example for the young recruit, Gus quickly followed suit. They spent several minutes posing for photos during and after the bloody massacre they had commited.

May 2009

PHOBIA notices the insignificant little people calling themselves the randoms. The decision is made to randomly execute its members. It is delicious. Choosing a group named the randoms to be the first non-random objects of their blood lust gives them an immensely sick pleasure.

April 2009


Founder Mr Watt decides to stop playing mind games and start playing better games. He takes PHOBIA into the ranks of the openly PKer ranks.

February 2008

PHOBIA is Born

Policies Observed

Killer.jpg Player Killer Group
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This Group is a PKer Group and supports the act of Player Killing.

Wikikillcount.jpg PHOBIA Kill Count
PHOBIA Members have PKed 896 survivors.
Killsacredground.PNG Fuck 'Sacred Ground' Policy!
This User or Group couldn't give a shit about Sacred Ground Policy & acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered fair game for evil fuckers.
54-1-.gif Granny face kick Policy
PHOBIA supports kicking grandmas in the face.

108 Culling the herd Policy
PHOBIA Believes members of herds should be converted to the horde.
108 Vulgar Display of Power
PHOBIA supports the use of overkill tactics.
Wikirevive.jpg Random Revive Policy
We strongly urge survivors to use revive needles in a completely random fashion.
Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
This user has guns. Do not cross them.
Wikiretaliation.jpg Retaliation Policy
PHOBIA supports a policy of escalating devestation when retaliating.
Nobrain.png Ban Stupidity
This user or group does not tolerate stupid people.
Wikibaricade.jpg Baricades Policy
PHOBIA supports a policy of feeding sleeping survivors to zeds and/or locking people out in the street.
150 Killer or Opportunist
PHOBIA members are equal opportunity killers.
Penguin-slap.gif WARNING!
PHOBIA knows how to lay the smack down.
Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user or group supports the Honor Among Thieves Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when only innocents suffer.

Policies Explained

Player Killer Group

This seems to be a rather obvious policy to explain. We, as individuals and as a group believe that the majority of the living residents of Malton bejave in such a brainless follower type manner that adding them to the numbers of the Zed population is no real loss for either themselves or the general surviving population. Plus, it preserves Maltons dwindling resources for us.

PHOBIA Kill Count

Why track something as morbid as the number of survivors that we have brutally hacked, chopped, pummeled, shot, dismembered, disemboweled, decapitated, lit on fire, cooked, and eaten? Is it our way of thumbing our noses at the establishment? Or a bad upbringing, "mama never loved me, papas got a wicked hook." sort of thing? Perhaps we have been so desensitized to violence by society in general and the zombie outbreak in particular that the act of killing can be made into a kind of game.

Fuck sacred ground policy

This subject is covered in a few different policies, really. Those of us that are here were condemned to the city prison of Malton by the authority outside, and therefore should know better than to live under the heel of a new set of tyrants. If the sheeple are too docile to stand against the trivial "rules" set by self important and self appointed shepards then so be it. The sheeple can follow while PHOBIA stands tall screaming in the face of all of Maltons tyrants, "Fuck you and your Sacred Ground Policy!"

Granny Face Kick Policy

This is a great policy, in my humble opinion. With punching bags and like materials being nearly impossible to find in Malton, it just makes sense to train our Kung Fu kicks on the elderly. The benefit of using Grannies is that they usually have really weak bones so you know they'll break before you will.

Culling the Herd Policy

Herd mentality is disgusting. People running around bleeting and repeating the same boring crap over and over. Tyler Durden was right about making people think about how magic it is to be alive. We have been blessed here in Malton in that the lesson can be given in a vastly more powerful way than mere threats of death. Perhaps the gift of a headshot will shock the docility out of a few of the sheeple long enough to awaken them to the great possibilities presented by this unique blessing of near immortality.

Vulgar Display of Power

If a fly is pestering around why use a flyswatter when theres a perfectly good flame thrower available? Deer hunting with a rifle when theres an Abrams tank idling in the road? No way! If its worth killing its worth vaporizing.

Random Revive Policy

Quit being so stingy with the needles. Got a couple of Zeds in the building with you? Just use the 20APs to drop em and rebarricade down to the last AP. You'll be fine. Jeesh.

Trigger Happy

We are trigger happy. Enough said.

Retaliation Policy

You slap me I shoot you; You shoot me I kill you; you kill me I kill you and your mama, your sisters and brothers and all your friends and grind you all up into sausage and enjoy you with my eggs and coffee.

Ban Stupidity

This means you.

Barricade Policy

Refer to Fuck Sacred Ground Policy.

Killer or opportunist

There is alot that goes into killing and the decision process........sometimes.

Honor among thieves

Every good story has three characters. This little drama that we call Malton has its three main identities: The Sheeple, the PKers, and the Dead. To each their own.


An alliance is an association of groups with common aim: an association of groups, people, or nations who agree to cooperate to achieve a common goal. PHOBIA is willing to work with like minded groups that recognize our strict adherance to independant movement and individualism. When these groups are found and after some talk has occured between leadership representatives then PHOBIA members whom are in contact with the group shall decide if we are to be on friendly terms with said group. When consensus is made then PHOBIA will show recognition of these groups with one of these:

WikiPHOBIAsealof approval.png PHOBIA Seal of Approval
PHOBIA approves of this group and its activities in the City of Malton

Recipients of the Seal of Approval:

PKer Missions

  • Complete a mission and add your name/link below the missions description.
  • Leave screen shots of your mission successes to your wiki page so the name/link will allow people to veiw your proof.
  • Complete missions in any order you like. Only add your name to each mission once.
  • Membership in PHOBIA is not required to add your name to missions.
  • Leave suggestions and/or questions regarding the missions on the discussion page.
  • Mr Watt reserves the right of final say in mission success.

Beginner Missions

  • Mission 1
Wanted!: Get a bounty put on your head in the Rogues Gallery.
  • --Mr Watt 07:32, 4 March 2012 (UTC)
  • Mission 2
Biting the hand that feeds.: Kill the survivor that revives you. (A screen shot of the revive and the kill is required to claim this mission.)
  • Mission 3
Big game hunter.: Kill an animal in the Malton Zoo.
  • Mission 4
Sacrilege!: Make a kill inside a church.

--Mr Watt 07:33, 7 August 2012 (BST)

  • Mission 5
Early Retirement: Kill a survivor with a 2005 join date.
  • --Mr Watt 07:33, 4 March 2012 (UTC)

Intermediate Missions

  • Mission 1
Payback!: Get a revenge kill. (Requires a screen shot of your being killed and your revenge killing.)

--Mr Watt 06:21, 6 August 2012 (BST)

  • Mission 2
Bounty this!: Kill 5 bounty hunters.
  • --Mr Watt 07:34, 4 March 2012 (UTC)
  • Mission 3
Party Pooper.: Find an advertised party in a club or bar and kill a guest and destroy the Generator.
  • Mission 4
Shopping spree.: Make 10 kills in the same mall.
  • Mission 5
Hooligan!: Make 10 kills in a stadium.
  • --Mr Watt 05:56, 19 September 2012 (BST)
  • Mission 6
Stalker! Kill the same survivor 10 times.

Advanced Missions

  • Mission 1
Obsessive Compulsive.: Kill 20 survivors with very similar names.
  • Mission 2
I hate Bounty Hunters!: Kill 20 Bounty hunters.: (Multiple kills on the same bounty hunters count.)
  • Mission 3
Burb Bully.: Make a kill in every building within a suburb of Malton.
  • Mission 4
Thin the herd.: Kill 20 members of the same survivor group.
  • Mission 5
Kill spree.: Make a kill in each suburb in Malton.

--Mr Watt 06:19, 31 July 2012 (BST)