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Penny Heights Police Department
Abbreviation: PHPD
Group Numbers: 14
Leadership: C Girl
Goals: To serve & Protect
Recruitment Policy: Information on the Forum 'Recruitment Thread'.
Contact: forum:PHPD

PHPD Goals

To protect the Normandare Boulevard Police Dept and Deacon Alley Police Dept, by keeping both PD's powered and barricaded( and zombie free of course).

Whilst also maintaining an active revive point at Churchous Avenue(91,75), and offer further support for the entire suburb.

PHPD Policies

The PHPD main polices are as follows

  • NO zerging
  • NO Spying
  • NO Gking
  • NO Pking- We only kill known Pkers (When Provided with proof).

For a more in depth explanation of the Rules and regulations of the PHPD see this Forum Thread

PHPD Personnel

PHPD are the Main Stay of the PHPD, they maintain the barricades, retake and repair buildings and deal with those pesky zombies that shamble around the place.

Red Squad

Red Squad are our Anti-Pker Squad, that hunt down the individuals that have Pked PHPD and innocents. The Red squad are hand selected from experienced individuals that have shown interest in Red Squad and have proved the selfs capable in the PHPD.

Blue Squad

Blue Squad are the members of the PHPD that provide revives and FAKs to the people in the suburb we are protecting. Blue Squad ca be joined as a starting career in the PHPD (unlike the Red Squad), but individuals must be competent in all Science Skills (minus surgery & First aid, but they are preferred).


As with any group you have to work your way to the top. The PHPD ranking system are as follows-

  • Chief Of PHPD
  • Deputy Chief
  • Capitan
  • Sergeant
  • Officer
  • Note: Specialized squads such as Red & Blue can still gain rank.
    • Note: As the PHPD group grows, further specialized squads may be made e.g. a reclamation Squad for taking back resource points in a coordinated strike.


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