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Example.zergling.jpg PH.WAR 2009

The Second PH War/ PH 2009/2010
Conflict Urban Dead
Date March 2009- January 15, 2010
Place East Grayside, Wray Heights West Grayside Spicer Hills and Kempsterbank so far.
Result Over. PH has been declared inactive.
The Grayside Defence Treaty (Fuerza Latina, The Special Tactics and Rescue Service, Pole Mall Security, Anti-Zombie Squad, South Malton Watch), Division H, Knights Templar, Team Xtreme PH
John Killah, Ichigo Alvaromesa, Delta Nitroxs, Apocalyptic Doom, Beer Ref, Janus Abernathy, Bhuwannabe, Calvin D, Dr. LaCroix, Arthurbirling, and others. Currently Unknown
Currently Unknown Currently Unknown

PH War 2009, Also known as The Second PH War to some, is the second confrontation (War) against PH, that technically has its roots back in March when the group resurfaced. Since then, their bothersome activities have resulted in a surge of support for those against PH, and as such a coalition of groups have banded together to unite against them and their ways that are so despised in Urban Dead! The war ended on January 15, 2010 as PH went inactive.

Major Incidents

Several PH attacks have been reported in Spicer Hills.

Other Information

Extra Information on PH and their past can be located below -


The First PH War

PH Extermination

Antiph.JPG PH Extermination
This User or Group supports the elimination of PH in the Southern Suburbs of Malton.


If you see a PH at a revive point, headshot him. If you see one alive, kill him. If you see him as a zed, headshot him. Hunt these cheating bastards to the ends of the earth. PH first zergs 2009

We don't want PH zergs army again please help to clean the virus before they get strong.

PH 2009 List

User and Crime: KRASHER8-Impostor is not part of DEAD BUNNIES----Also isn't Alvaromesa-
Profile - KRASHER8

User and Crime: jesuslove-Impostor is not part of DEAD BUNNIES- and kill multiple West grayside survivors
Profile - jesuslove
Other Info - Rogues Gallery

User and Crime: Pak40-Impostor is not part of DEAD BUNNIES- and kill multiple West grayside survivors
Profile: Pak40
Other Info:Rogues Gallery

Profile and Crime: Jack Owen - Imposter - put Knights Templars as group tag and killed a DIVISION H member.
Profile: Owen

User and Crime: Snuff Youtube - Killing Fuerza Latina Members
Profile: Snuff Youtube
Other Info: Rogues Gallery

User and Crime: Ron Thal - Impostor is not part of DEAD BUNNIES-Isn't Alvaromesa
Profile: Ron Thal
Other Info: Rogues Gallery

User and Crime: Lady Gaga - PH zerg scout on west grayside nad kill a DIVISION H member
Profile: Lady Gaga

User and Crime:Klaus Barbie - PH zerg scout on west grayside and PK multiple members of DIVISION H.
Profile: Klaus Barbie

User and Crime:Abbyy-PH zerg scout on west grayside.
Profile: Abbyy

User and Crime:Pherox -kill AZS members.
Profile: Pherox
Other Info:proof

User and Crime:Hitlol-Don't be fooled by his profile this man is a ruthless killer who has killed and assaulted several survivors in Spicer Hills.
Profile: [


In construction.

Massacre at Whitenoll 57, 75

Zerg probe]



WHYTRY are supporting PH and killing KT members and FL members.

Proofs:Helping Jack Owen-(PH using KT member tags/impostor)

Definition of Zerging in UD

"You are [allowed multiple characters], provided that they lead completely separate existences within the game - your characters should not collaborate, nor share the same building. Multiple characters found to be working together in a suspicious fashion will be automatically flagged, penalized or even banned by the system. If you're running a few characters, it's best to make sure that they stay in separate suburbs."

These characters have been spotted in the same suburb in the same building at the same time attacking other people.

Zerging / Cheating Examples

Here's several examples of PH's cheating (zerging)...

trujitron2 trujitron3 trujitron4 trujitron5 trujitron6 trujitron7 trujitron8 trujitron9

and some more

Zombie096 Zombie097 Zombie098

As of May 21st we have gathered some more information on Super Zerg!

First the killing,

  • A zombie destroyed the generator. (05-20 11:16 BST)
  • A zombie killed PriestDragon. (05-20 11:17 BST)
  • A zombie killed Rambobo. (05-20 11:19 BST)
  • A zombie killed QpX. (05-20 11:20 BST)
  • A zombie killed La Salsa Especial. (05-20 11:20 BST)
  • A zombie killed Smeg117. (05-20 11:25 BST)
  • A zombie killed ev3rs0r. (05-20 11:28 BST)
  • A zombie said "Graagh." (05-20 11:32 BST)
  • A zombie killed Aribeth. (05-20 11:32 BST)
  • A zombie killed sanitydeprived. (05-20 11:39 BST)
  • A zombie killed Lizbeth Green. (05-20 11:42 BST)
  • A zombie killed TheRef. (05-20 12:02 BST)
  • A zombie killed PHophito. (05-20 12:03 BST)
  • A zombie killed Braunler. (05-20 12:04 BST)
  • A zombie killed Waterdrop. (05-20 12:06 BST)
  • A zombie killed Adrien vonSchiller. (05-20 12:20 BST)
  • A zombie killed Matthew Hax. (05-20 12:21 BST)
  • A zombie killed RUZed. (05-20 12:23 BST)
  • A zombie killed Llamadude. (05-20 12:25 BST)
  • A zombie killed evlbstrd. (05-20 12:26 BST)
  • A zombie attacked you for 3 damage.

2006 -

PH tactics are unfair and stupids.


The People against PH

This is a recent broadcast about the People against PH

   *  28.11 MHz: "Fuerza Latina, Division H, Knights Templar, and many others" (3 minutes ago)
   * 28.11 MHz: "are fighting against PH zerger team." (2 minutes ago)
   * 28.11 MHz: "If you're witness of a PK, tell everyone. If you see a PH," (2 minutes ago)
   * 28.11 MHz: "report his location. do not let them being able to hide." (1 minute ago)

Other groups include The Special Tactics and Rescue Service, South Malton Watch and remaining members of The Grayside Defence Treaty, Team Xtreme, as well as a few others who may add their name here if they feel like doing so.

Please not again.


The above picture shows the Battle of Spicer Hills. The PH attacks en masse as a group of STARS hold a vital position while awaiting reinforcements from the Anti-Zombie Squad. A stalemate is reached between both sides as both combatants stop shooting. It is considered a victory for the Pro-Survivors as three weeks later, the battle continues with terrible losses as a strong force of survivors arrive with the tide of reinforcements. PH backs off but does not leave. This picture was taken near the end of the battle, with the reinforcements arriving moments after the current scene. The Battle of Spicer Hills was a turning point for the war.


The soldiers who died fighting PH Zergs army 3 years ago. "Lost, But never Forgotten!"

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