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This page is about The First PH War. For the current war, visit The Second PH War Page!


The First PH War
Conflict Urban Dead
Date Feb. 2006- Feb. 2007
Place East Grayside and Wray Heights reports are also saying that battles have taken place in West Grayside and Scarletwood
Result Success
Special Tactics and Rescue Squad, Southern Alliance, and their allied forces PH
Stephen Wolfe, Chris Hollis, Mushroom Blue, Virus 002, and others. Dolordebarriga, PHerez, Popeye Paul 3, and others.
70+ 100+

Before The War

Before the official war started, the large group Paradox was in conflict with the PH. Not much is known about this conflict, besides the PH Cultists were terrorizing the town of Wray Heights. No major battles took place, but never-the-less it was an important factor in the events to come.

The PH War

The PH War was the most vicious and bloodiest war that South Central Malton has ever seen. The war began on 3/26/06 when Special Tactics and Rescue Squad scout ez does it stumbled upon a massacre, one of the slaughters the PH called a Bloody Sunday. In this attack, the PH killed all "non-believers" inside a Police Department in Wray Heights. The casualties, excluding the vast loss of innocent life, claimed many friends and allies of Special Tactics and Rescue Squad. Stephen Wolfe, current leader of the group, held a long discussion with high ranking members of the Squad Mushroom Blue and Chris Hollis on going to war with the PH. The next day the East Grayside Watch (now the Southern Alliance) and the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad declared war on the PH. In the space of the next month and a half, South Central Malton would become a blood bath.


In the midst of the bloody conflict, efforts were made on each side to recruit new allies. In the very effective piece PH Extermination, LeGrady, called by some the Thomas Paine of the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad was able to accurately portray the bloodthirsty nature of the PH in their unwarranted attacks on survivors. The PH continued their rapid spraypainting propaganda, which their opponents found beneficial when new members were drawn to them by the mentions of them in PH slander. As their opponents gained more and more allies, the bloodthirsty cult remained without aid.

Major Battles

  • 3/28/06: The first declaration of war was an assult by the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad and the allied forces. Chris Hollis, Mushroom Blue, and Aran Helix led one group of forces deep into PH territory, where they staged an assult on the PH's main base of operations and cultist worship ground St. Polycarps Church. While Stephen Wolfe led a group into key stratigical locations in Wray Heights, a total of 6 PH members were slaughtered, and more than 10 Buildings in Wray Heights were under allie control. This attack was known as the PH Strike and was deemed a success by the allies. Aran Helix was killed by PH cronies while hiding in a nearby building for shelter after the attack.

Here is a look at what the attack was like.

  • 3/31/06: Luck struck the allies when the RRF made a clean sweep through Wray Heights. Everything was obliterated in the city. Many PH members were obliterated.
  • 4/1/06: The PH struck the main base of the allies in East Grayside, this was a major blow to the allied forces, and the only major victory by the PH. The allies quickly regrouped and rearmed.

Here is a look of what the attack was like.

  • 4/12/06: The War raged on, with casualties on both sides. The PH used hit and run tactics, led by two demented cultists named PHerez and Popeye Paul 3, while the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad and allies destroyed major targets in Wray Heights.
  • Mid April 2006: The plan is carried out.

Here is what the plan looked like:

  • 5/9/06: Mushroom Blue tracked down and killed PH leader Dolordebarriga with the help of Johnathon 117.
  • 5/22/06: The wiki page PH Extermination is put up the Southern Alliance to spread the influance of the allied forces, and to spread warnings to those where the PH may be hiding.
  • 6/19/06: Small clusters of PH began to show up in Hollomstown The STARS learn of this through intel and start plans for a strike team to be assembled with the Southern Allience
  • 9/11/06: In one of the most heinous attacks ever, the PH attacked Nichols Mall. The Spanish maniacs destroyed two sectors of the mall calling them "Tower 1" and "Tower 2" shortly after the group disperses and never is heard of again.
  • 2/3/07: Chris Hollis has decided to officially end the war today. Nothing has happened for over five months , the PH no longer are deemed a threat. He considers this a success for the allied forces and a great tale of a underdog taking on a giant for the greater good.
  • 8/3/09: pH is back to UD and as a sacrifice to their God Saint Poli, they have erased any living form in Brancker Alley Police dep, Sollas Cinema, Cheek Road Fire Station, Hutton Avenue School, and more buildings from Wray Heights, their warzone. Casualties ascend to more than 40 survivors, none of them from pH. After the attack, they have vanished. Plus, they killed John Killah, STARS' leader, in a definitive declaration of War.

Map of The Battles

Here is a map of the major battles that took place:

A Timeline of Events

Here is a timeline of the events that took place during the war.:

Tactical Map

View the PH War Map

Total Victories By Each Side

  • Allied Forces: 5
  • PH: 1 (not including scattered kills by PH fanatics)


The PH has scattered across the suburbs of Malton, leaving their official Urban Dead Wiki without update for over five months. In their most disgusting act to date, they attacked Nichols_Mall on the fifth anniversary of the September 11th attacks and killed 300 survivors, calling two corners Tower 1 and Tower 2. Since then the group has not been heard of, we can only hope they have died out.

The Special Tactics And Rescue Squadremains a powerful group in central Malton gaining members day by day. Many of their Allies in the war continue to prosper as well.

Memorable People



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