PK'ers' Revenge

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PK'ers' Revenge
Abbreviation: PKR
Group Numbers: Growing
Leadership: Dirty Rockstar
Goals: Knock smug bounty hunters down a peg
Recruitment Policy: Use our talk page
Contact: Talk Page

Have you ever killed anyone as a survivor? Maybe it was some cocky fuck-off who didn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Maybe it was one of your RL friends, and you were just having some fun? Or maybe you just got bored and decided it'd be a laugh to pop a cap in some unsuspecting fool's ass.

Whatever the reason, if you've ever stepped out of the box and killed anyone, or maybe even just broken some lousy generator, I'm sure you know what its like to be put on countless blacklists, have people after you constantly, and wake up on the ground outside day after day after hearing some stupid justification like "You're a PK'er, you need to take a dirt nap blah blah blah...".

I'm sure you've even came across people who take the game way too seriously, and are genuinely insulted that you dared to PK someone! By god, it's murder!

Yeah. It gets old, doesn't it?

Who we are

We are the first bounty hunter group that exclusively targets people and groups that kill PK'ers. Tired of being chased from suburb to suburb by "righteous" groups trying to "collect a bounty" (There's no money in this game, so WTF)? Call us in. We'll show them what its like to be persecuted for a change!