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Wallpaper5 1024 768.jpg
Abbreviation: Pagans
Group Numbers: unknown
Leadership: Holy Spirits
Goals: Unite
Recruitment Policy: All who follow.
Contact: Come to Dulston

During May 2009 operations near Dulston, Freakazoit found that Earth can contact with survivors by using special rituals and give directions how to survive in Malton. Then, she became founder of new religions - Pagans. Actially, this is first ancient religion in Malton, but people forgot about it so lost contact with Earth and became suffered by zombies. Old druids, shamans and pagan priests keeped evil forces inside rock, which was destroyed during some excavation works in 2004 in nothern Malton. This evil forces not directly, but somehow propably became some part of 2005 Malton Incident. NWM, I dunno.

What is Pagans of Malton

Pagans in black robes

Come with us speeding through the night
As fast as any bird in flight
Silhouettes against the Mother Moon
We will be there

Traditional Paganism came from Latin word paganus, meaning "country dweller, rustic". It includes polyteists, animalists, spiritualists, mythologistst, folk religions, shamanists and probably druids. In case of new pagans of Malton, they believe that Mylene Farmer is godness. They don't like to contact with big groups of survivors, live in outskirts of Malton, in ghost towns and hate mages, imperium, trenchcoaters, authorities, capitalists, other religions who call them "heretics/satanists" etc. This is just religion, not an organization, so please don't try to make it group. Most of the new pagans connected to Chaos Cult and hate Emperor. Another known names "Pagans of Malton", "New Pagans", "New Pagans of Malton"

How to became an Pagan

Many pagans listen Inkubus Sukkubus
  • See this vid: Wytches
  • Sometimes hit yourself with fuel can to make fuel low over your cloth (it makes you contact with Earth)
  • Call Mylene Farmer your godness (or godness of love) or you can find your own god.
  • Wear gas mask, black robes and.. (you can suggest us what to wear)

Black Robes can be found in Cathedral and Puppett Museum
In Dulston it is The Holdway Museum (96, 4)

  • Ask local gods and spirits for anything
  • You can put "Pagans" to group or info, but remember that it is not group, just religion/vision/way-to-live.
  • Prayer is 'Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna', say it to others. Or use your own prayer.
  • Say hi to others using "Goddess Bless" or "Blessed be to all" (for many persons)
  • Zombie pagans can say "Baganz" or something like this
  • Zombie pagans do not hurt or kill other zombies and NT workers at revive points
  • Any more suggestions?

Who not welcome:

  • PKers, GKers, RKers (especially loners and hiding) and people who trying to be like them
  • Zombies, eating other zombies during building assault or siege or on revive point
  • Chars with stupid name like "one zombie" or "I don't know".
  • Capitalists and other people who pray to money
  • Christian and muslim fanatics
  • Trenchcoaters and simple-minded people
  • Alcoholics

But of course no one can prevent you believe in what you believe whomever you are

Paganic events and celebrations

  • 1th January (Starting in 31 December) New Year paganic holy day around the world. Don't ask how to celebrate it XD
  • 8th March. Cybele. Mother of the Earth forgotten holy day. Anyone knows what is Cybele? Females holy day as well.
  • 13th March. Necrology death goddess holy day. It this day one Christian Church must be ruined. We have nothing against Christianity, but such tradition. We don't know where this comes from. Probably from old times, when Christians treated pagans.
  • 1st May Beltane May Day. Beltane celebrates the Marriage of the Goddess of Survivalists and the God of Zombies, the goddess is thought to conceive the Divine Child at this time,to which she will give birth to at Yule. The maypole dance around generator is symbolic of the union of the goddess and the god. Pagan Handfastings occur at this time.
  • 15th May Obed Fevin (Real name of event is forgotten, we use just another). This day is for sacrificing child in Church to feed Dagon goddess. Last known sacrifice was did in 1946 in St. Romuald's Church (Rolt Heights). This days, probably pagans disagree this awful ritual.
  • 21 June Summer Solstice The Summer Solstice a celebration in honor of the Sun-God . Traditional Pagan activities of Midsummer is to leap across bonfires to promote fertility of zombies, ammo clips, shotgun shells, FAKs and syrgines.
  • 1 August Lughnasadh Also known as Lammas, this is the first of the three Harvest festivals. The first zombies syrgines of the annual harvest are reaped, and the days action points grow shorter.
  • 21 September Autumn Equinox The Autumnal Equinox, is the second of the Harvest holidays. Mabon is a time to recognize what we have and to begin preparing for the coming zombie attacks.
  • October 31 / November 1 Samhain Death, the third of the Harvest holidays, the ending of the cycle, death, but with the hope of rebirth. The separation between this physical world and the spiritworld is thin. Halloween customs are a part of this element of death, the thin line at this cycle and remembering the dead and the hopes of rebirth. On this night Magick is more powerful. Also Samhain_Slaughter and Samhain_Slaughter_2 PKers massacre was related to this holy day.
  • 19th December Stanstock Nobody remember what is it, but in this day pagans trying to speak with zombies and don't kill 'em. Sometimes. And zombies should not attack people this day.
  • 21th December Winter Solstice The celebration of the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. The burning of the log is to give the Sun strength. Mumming (plays) such as "St. George" is a Pagan survival , it represents the rebirth of the God. Probably no one celebrate this, but we must know it.
  • 26th December Zombikah spirit of Barhah pagan zombies holy day. Scientists say, that it came from ancient german ans keltic zombie tribes. Be careful this day, because zombies can fight harder this day. More about zombikah
  • 13th Friday. Not really related to pagans, but in this day all who commercilized pagan religion attributes and making money from pagans things being killed. (In October 2007 this capitalist people were purified by fire in Hildebrand Mall by PKers groups, BBC report here [[1]]). also in October 2008 in Blesley Mall known as Samhain_Slaughter_2. This celebration known as "Halloween".


Purification - Usually it means killing survivors
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! - probably battlecry
Meeting stone - Place where they meet. For survivors it is usually inside buildings (usually towers, museums and bars).
Words in Zombese
Baganz - Pagans (Bagan means begun)
Gaaranaa - Goolina (Our fello)
Brazzah ba a arr - Blessed be to all
Bhanahahz barn - Religious fanatics house

First concert 2010

First rock concert of Pagans took place in February 24th, 2010, in Parrott Towers, Dulston. There were only few followers, who sang "Wytches" Inkubus Sukkubus cover and playing on broken electro guitar. Decorations was ruins of Dulston and listeners were zombies and dead bodies. This concert lasts only 5 min, because someone broke generator.

Meeting stone

Current meetings location is Dulston, it is kinda sacred place. Building is probably Parrott Towers. Zombie pagans and survivor pagans do not kill each other in Dulston. Hopefully. In June 2009 zombie pagans went to Stanbury Village to participate in "Destroy Nichols Mall" festival.

  • Our current meeting stone is Parrott Towers, Dulston. If nobody alive there, try Ninah Hospital in Pescodside. 24th February 2010


    Pagan Born (Freakazoit version)

    A rhythm stirs within the streets
    That tells all growing of my seeds
    A return to light, return to life
    And lead us from this darkest night
    Mrh man, now have you come
    Procedure of res has just begun
    Though all must die to be reborn
    Return now on a bright new morn

    My lord applauds my Pagan ways
    And in my heart he'll always stay
    Pagan Born!

    In pinata's cloak We've sheltered long
    Waiting for crowbar's sweet song
    Tho' radio we found beside the barn
    Its sound could not break through the dark
    I smell the spirits of human here
    And know that your return is near
    Though I shall fall as the harvest corn
    It is my fate, I'm Pagan Born!

    p.s. Newermind the meaning

    Revification Trip

    This kind of drugs used by american-indian pagans before Spanish invasion in their special rituals. It was made of natural products. New version is sinthetic, but same thing.

    Here is drug recipe, invented by Xupypr: (Recorded from radio transmittion, so probably many mistakes, need check)

    • Mix rev syrgine and beer in 20% and 80%
    • Put on slow fire pot with mixture and put glass funnel with cotton in hole
    • Make sure it not boiling much, crystals must be settle on cotton
    • Put crystals in alcohol (it better be 95-97%) and wait like for 1 day
    • Flow away carefully discolored part, blue part must be filtered
    • Dry it. Keep essence isolated from contamination during all process

    Now, You ready to your revification trip, What you will see in your trip? Write here your expirience!

    Known pagans

    Groups, related to pagans

    The croc lord.jpg The Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile
    This user/group either worships His Scaled Magnificence or pays homage to such Toothy Might and His respective followers.

    Rebels icon.gif Rebels of Malton Underground
    Pagans are friend of Rebel of Malton Underground.
    * confirmed by Freakazoit

    Church of Reathxia* not confirmed yet


    Starofchaosqe5.png For Chaos!
    This group follows Chaos
    • not confirmed yet


    Small template:

    Pagan.gif Pagans follower
    This User is pagan follower.

    Template code:


    Old template:

    Wickerman-burning.jpg Pagan
    User is a Pagan and will happily make martyrs out of religious fanatics.
    Fire, sword or bullet?

    Template code:

    Do we need big template?

    Another info

    Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
    This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

    Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
    This User or Group supports the Dual Nature Policy & believes that the citizens of Malton should embrace their two-fold nature.

    Rakista.jpg Music Is Life
    This user or group is a Musician.

    This page is under construction and pagan religion also under formation

    Someone please put here moar info
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