Page Plaza Police Department

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Page Plaza Police Department
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Page Plaza Police Department

Nixbank [3, 77]

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Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


Azure.png Azure Tourist Attraction
This location is on the list of protected historical sites relating to the ancient civilization of Azuria and is regularly maintained by FTLA volunteers.

A small grey-stone building, its doorway flanked by ancient statues.


Although often overlooked by tourists visiting Malton before the Zombie plague, Page Plaza has a sacred past. It was here, around A.D. 438, that the Romano-British prince of Azuria, Azure I, interred the remains of his beloved princess Sharon, who died unexpectedly that year of an illness.

Sharon, although renowned for her beauty and distinguished by occasional acts of compassion, was generally despised among the local aristocracy; the peasantry merely regarded her as an outsider. Medieval Welsh historian Gauwilon described her as "a lady of the noblest image, although her manners were those of a commoner". He would later go on to imply he thought her personally unhappy, noting a proneness to surly, irritable, pouts of frustration. Other observers at the day suggested her name may have indicated a Gallo-Jewish background, certainly an aberration in the pre-Norman era.

Azure was away campaigning against Pictish raiders when Sharon died; he immediately returned and was believed to have declared a mourning across the land in her memory. Although there is nothing to say that the people especially liked the princess, they did so for their leader's sake. A granite monument, surrounded by a crude mausoleum constructed out of dressed stone pillars, was left to mark her burial site.

Nothing is known about the history of Page Plaza during the later Middle Ages; certainly no scholar makes obvious mention of it. Azuria, by this point reduced to a petty fiefdom following the Saxon conquests, faced dissolution in the 800's. Ancient Romano-British sites in Nixbank fell into ruin or were built over as centuries passed, and Sharon's grave disappeared.

In the late 1800's, the location was cleared for an industrial park, and subsequently shattered fragments of the original monument were unearthed. Several carvings were still legible but had been chiseled in British Romance, a hopelessly archaic Latin dialect which set back precise translation until the 21st century. In the meantime, excavations around Page Plaza revealed the stumps of the old mausoleum's pillars, which have surprisingly survived fairly intact until present day.

Page Plaza Police Department is the oldest police station in Nixbank. It was constructed in the 1920's, after the local community raised concerns over increasingly alarming levels of crime, especially to the south near Foulkes Village. By the mid 1990's, however, a decision had been made to relocate Nixbank's police headquarters elsewhere; the aging structure was no longer large enough to keep up with increasing demand. In addition, it was proving disturbingly expensive to maintain and city funds were running short. All operations were formally shifted to Brandon Way in 2001.

Legacy in Azurian Nationalism

Page Plaza Police Department has been proclaimed a protected historical site by the National Front for the Total Liberation of Azuria, a radical separatist organisation which claims to represent revived Azurian nationalism. Pieces of the memorial to Princess Sharon have been painstakingly reassembled and are now visible under glass inside the building, while an iron fence has been erected around the crumbling graveside pillars on the grounds to keep wandering undead out of the young queen's final resting place.

Recovered chunks of the monument include a description of Azure I's princely titles, as well as his numerous adventures against invading Picts. Other assembled artifacts include sculpted scenes depicting soldiers in Roman battledress, Celtic villages, and the Christian Labarum (☧).

"Nixbank Security"

During the early chaos of post-outbreak Malton, Page Plaza Police Department was commandeered by a neighborhood watch of local survivors attempting to form a coalition party (popularly dubbed 'Nixbank Security') to secure critical Nixbank resource points for survivors. The project is currently defunct and most of its former advocates have seemingly moved on.

Status Notes

  • January 2, 2010 - Handful of survivors, Extremely Heavily Barricaded, no Zombies in sight, generator is running --bp968 12:09, Jan 2 2010 (EST)
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