Pathetic Bill Tribute Band

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Pathetic Bill Tribute Band
Abbreviation: PBTB
Group Numbers: Maximum of 7 Musicians. Manager and Sound Techs wanted.
Leadership: Pathetic Bill Tribute Band
Goals: Carrying on the Legacy of Pathetic Bill through the arts: Music and PKing
Recruitment Policy: You must be named similarly to Pathetic Bill or SillyLillyPilly
Contact: Pathetic Bill Tribute Band Forums

If you don't believe in evil, you've got a lot to learn! Ol' Bill lit up a cigarette, and watched the city burn.

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
The Pathetic Bill Tribute band has PKed a great deal of audience members and other people.

“Music is the brandy of the damned.”
~George Bernard Shaw

The Legacy of William 'Pathetic Bill' Lucas

The Beginning of Bill

William "Pathetic Bill" Lucas first rose to infamy in the early 2000's, after a well-publicized murder spree. His targets of choice were the destitute, the homeless and the helpless, prompting the Media to dub him "Pathetic Bill" during his trial. He was sentenced to death, and his eventual execution by the electric chair was met by a sigh of relief by Malton's population.
However, once the outbreak occurred, and the dead began to rise, that sigh of relief was to turn into a gasp of horror as the serial killer rose from his grave, and began his murder spree once again in a city which was populated by trapped refugees - just so many homeless and helpless.

He began his reign of terror in his hometown of Eastonwood, butchering the populace with such vigor that it was speculated that the deranged man was 'making up for lost time'. His grasp of reality was fragile and his obvious schizophrenia made matters worse: he appeared to have six or seven personalities, each one worse than the next, each acutely aware of the next, but each totally unaware of the fact that they all shared the same body.

The Age of Bill

This spotty grasp of his environment allowed outsiders to use the serial murderer to their advantage. On the 26th of April, 2006, the dominant cartel in Eastonwood, known as Gangsta Business, challenged Lucas to a contest of deadly skill. Their targets? Gangsta Business' enemies, the Warseers, another organization in Eastonwood. Despite the skill of the cartel's enforcers, Lucas out-did them, oblivious to the somewhat embarrassing victory gained by Gangsta Business against their foes.

In late 2006, the Philosophe Knights contacted Lucas as well, convincing him and his multiple personalities to kill residents of Richmond Hills, sparing only those who slept in Schools, Museums, or Libraries. William Lucas, stumbling from building to building, delighted in the thought that all the people in the suburb belonged to him unless they were protected by the people with the white faces. To the satisfaction of the Philosophe Knights, Lucas' torture and murders of Richmond Hill's people scared a great deal of them into submitting to the deadly scholars.

Encouraged by the Creedy Guerilla Raiders, William Lucas brought wholesale slaughter to the Creedy Defense Force, killing their members at least 355 times, forever carving his name and reputation into their memories, and in some cases, quite literally into their flesh. The CDF never ceased its efforts to bring the madman down, and at one point they even believed that they'd done Lucas in for good. But to their horror, he returned.

Not content to simply spread terror by himself (along with himself, and himself again, and again, and so on), Pathetic Bill - for the man called William Lucas no longer truly existed by this time - somehow became convinced that the Sixth of June, 2006 (06/06/06) was a day to be celebrated with mass slaughter, and began the movement known as "PK-Day", advertising the concept of a city-wide say of mass murder to anyone he could reach. Most, if not all, Human organizations and Zombie hordes alike awaited the day anxiously, the living dreading the dawn of a new day, the undead hungrily awaiting the arrival of fresh blood.

The organized bloodshed of 'PK Day' did not end that midnight. The idea of a city-wide slaughter inspired other psychopaths and malcontents to coordinate the efforts of as many murderous gangs and militant fanatics as they could find, creating the PKA, which survives to this day. Caught up by the fallout of his own actions, Bill became a central figure of the PKA, influencing its decisions whenever he was lucid enough to understand the situation.

His reign of terror continued until the name "Pathetic Bill" became the most infamous name in Malton, more recognizable than the name of any other murderer or killer group, beating out even DARIS, Red Rum, and RedZeko (indeed, Bill even outdid RedZeko in a massacre which aped Zeko's original deed). Entire suburbs went on alert at the faintest glimpse of him - or one of many copy-cat killers who styled themselves after him. Human organizations paled and begged for mercy at the slightest sign of his aggression. Other psychopaths, infamous and dangerous in their own rights, made sure to give him a lot of space if they met him. Pathetic Bill had become the single most terrible figure in Malton.

The End of Bill

But all that begins, must end, and in late 2008, sightings of Pathetic Bill, the man once known as William Lucas, faltered, and ultimately ceased. His final fate is unknown. Did his much abused brain and body finally give up and cease responding to the zombie virus? Did he, in a deluded haze, try to cross the wall only to be utterly destroyed by overwhelming military armaments? Did he escape the wall, and renew his killing spree in the outside world?

We may never know. But his legacy lives on, in the chords and the lyrics of the Pathetic Bill Tribute Band, a collection of Copy-Cat Killers and Pathetic Bill groupies dedicated to reliving his reign of terror through music and bloodshed. Rock on, Bill, where ever you are. Rock on.

Musicians and Band Members

aPathetic Bill; Rhythm Guitar. The Careless Killer.
Pathetic'BiII; Stage Presence. The Four-Eyed Killer.
emPathetic Bill; Electric Banjo. Wants to Feel Your Pain.
SilIy Lilly Pilly; Vocals. The Feminine Touch.
symPathetic BiII; Theremin. Sensitive, Sing-Song Strangler.

None of the Original Bills are members of the Pathetic Bill Tribute Band.

Auditioning to Join the Band

We only accept people whose names are a tribute to the Pathetic Bill name.
No member of the band may have more than one character involved in any activities the band takes part in. The original Bills didn't zerg or commit alt-abuse. Neither shall we.
If you were an original member of Pathetic Bill, we'd be really flattered to hear your praise, and we'd love to go touring with you, but we can't accept you into the band. That'd be like Ringo Starr joining a Beatles Tribute Band.
If you are a SillyLillyPilly, you can join us. You girls were the original Pathetic Bill groupies, after all.


We perform songs which fall into a wide variety of genres. There were seven personalities of William Lucas, after all, and it's hardly difficult to imagine that each one had different musical tastes.

Some of our songs are covers of existing songs by other artists, adapted to fit the Pathetic Bill theme. Others are original songs, written by our band members, commemorating Pathetic Bill's words and deeds.
All songs are dedicated to the memory of the most dangerous man in Malton, Pathetic Bill.



Links to the Song Lyrics are in the Album's Image.
Pathetic Bill Tribute Band – Time to Face the Music

Live Shows

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Every Personality of the Pathetic Bill Tribute Band is played by different players, as the rules demand it, just as the original Pathetic Bill adhered to these rules.
Accusations of zerging will be carefully considered and then ridiculed.

No members of the original Pathetic Bill may join. This is a tribute band. If we had a genuine Bill, we'd become the real thing. However, we are totally legitimate.
The founder of the Pathetic Bill Tribute Band contacted Pathetic Bill (the character), and told him about his tribute character. Pathetic Bill thought that the tribute character was totally cool, and even invited the copy-cat killer to join the Original Bills in their killing. Which makes the Band Totally Official.

No, we're not the same group as SillyLillyPilly. However we totally dig their funky, Hippy sound, and we invite any and all of them to tour with us, or even become full Band Members.