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peace corp thingo

we are the dead amongst the living and the living amongst the dead we live in harmony we all want to own all pkers.

peace corp thingo
Zombie peace and such.png
Abbreviation: pct
Group Numbers: poojah,Ll2l,crazycon1
Leadership: poojah,Ll2l
Goals: zombies and humans to live in peace
 and kill all pkers
Recruitment Policy: any one just add the full name and go
Contact: errrr umm no thanks

i need exp

we have some rules to stop anti exp which are may kill humans who are on streets may kill pkers may not destroy generators barricades 4 and only attack zombies if they started it by being violent

our base

we have temporary bases to make one follow these steps 1 it must be resorce building 2 ehb it to stop pkers and hostile zombies 3 spray on outside pct temp base err actully do this first


not much err we think err my bad sorry none of this.

where we are located

all over malton just pull out your wepon and slay PKERS.


Q: if you kill pkers dosn't that make you a pker . A: nope it makes you a bounty hunter.


1.kill pkers on sight. 2.don't kill any one else. 3. if your a zombie only feed on already dead corpses. 4. rest of the rules are pretty basic like stay in the group.(nah you can leave when ever)

pker list

if you have been pked please add your pkers name so we can hunt them down.

what we suport


leader:poojah. pker spotters:crazycon1 combat death to pkers:Ll2l

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