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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.
Pendulum tactics
Cold, methodical. I am a pendulum.

The Basics

You've lost most of what you've had in your suburb. You're still hanging on to a few resource buildings, but it's taking a turn for the worst. You've lost your NT building. And your mall. It has become time to act like a pendulum. A military raid is defined as a sudden attack behind an enemy's lines without the intention of holding ground. This is what being a pendulum is about. A pendulum, if it has propulsion, will return to the point of which it started. These tactics are followed every day by survivors.

  • Point X is the building your group is trying to retake. Point Y is your safe house.

When to use Pendulum Tactics

  • You have a safe house to return to.
  • You have ammo and a place to get ammo.
  • You have other raiders working towards the same goal.

Skills Required

  • Basic Firearms Training - Player gets +25% to hit with all ranged weapon attacks. The Private and Cop start with this skill.
    • Pistol Training - An extra +25% to hit with a pistol.
      • Advanced Pistol Training - An extra +10% to hit with a pistol.
    • Shotgun Training - An extra +25% to hit with a shotgun.
      • Advanced Shotgun Training - An extra +10% to hit with a shotgun.
  • Free Running - Free Running allows a player to move from inside a building directly into an adjacent building without having to touch the street. This allows a player to bypass heavy or better barricades which would otherwise prevent entry. The Scout begins with this skill. Free Running works on several different building types, but doesn't work in empty blocks or ruins. If you try to free run into a ruin, you fall onto the street and sometimes take damage.

Items Required

  • Pistols - Less encumbering, allowing you to carry a toolbox.
  • Pistol Clips - More plentiful than shotgun shells and take less AP to load.
  • Toolbox - This is used for the last raider. Once the raiders have cleared the building and returned to the safe house, the final raider can repair the building, and barricade.

Recommended Items

  • Shotgun - If you can spare the weight, a shotgun or two, when loaded, can help take zombies down in seconds.
  • Shotgun Shells - Take 1 AP to load, 1 AP to shoot. If you've got the right skills, these babies are gold.

Step 1

  • Search for clips and shells.
  • Get in contact with allies - coordination can win the day.
  • Assign a time to commence a raid.

Step 2

  • Get to point X.
  • Working alongside allies, take down as many enemies as possible while leaving enough AP to return to point Y.
  • Return to point Y to rest and restore AP.

Step 3

  • Obtain more ammunition, and reload weapons.
    • Keep the barricades on the safe house at a relatively high point.
  • Repeat Step 1.
    • Once point X has been cleared, repair and barricade.
      • Move onto the next resource point or building while keeping hold of point X.


  • Raiders can attack enemies with little threat to themselves.
  • A safe house can be a gathering point for many players. Many hands make for light work.


  • If the horde is very large, the entire suburb may be coming under ruin. It may be best to start using Rat Tactics instead of attracting zombies to your safehouse.
    • Survivors may feel the need to install a generator. This will act as a magnet that brings unwanted attention.
  • Survivors who are busy raiding will not have AP to conduct revives. Make sure there is a team of scientists ready to revive those who have fallen.
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