Pennville Revive Points

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Revive Points

There is a revive point at Wasteland 82,82 that seems to be active. Seeking a revive point elsewhere may be advised.

As per the sacred ground policy, the Cemetery 85,86 is also considered a revive point. It may or may not be maintained, but currently it seems active and queues are low. -Bodicus 12:00, 27 July 2009 (EST)

Pennville Revivification

Please note that there are absolutely not NecroTech buildings within Pennville.

There are however many viable options for gathering supplies to maintain Pennville's revive points. The following are listed in order of their distance from Pennville. Many NTs directly border Pennville, some are a few blocks away. It is advisable to check up on the status of all during these troubled times, as they may turn quickly from being staffed to ruined.

Pennville NecroTech Options

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