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The Penny Heights Massacre 4/1/06

From 8-12PM, the Penny Heights Massacre was undertook by several faction of Zombies against the concentration of humans in the area. Such Victims were listed as; Chaosking999, chokersmoker656, JoshuaRomero, Landraider, Copkilla, Izic Axehand, Supa Freaka'.

The total death tole reached about 175-200, and is still climbing on both tiers as more humans and zombies join in the fray. It was actually a rather desperate situation, and the first real battle ended when Supa' Freaky and Copkilla began rounding people (Most of those on the list above) about to fend off the seemingly small band of zombies. About 50 people showed up in time for one of the most memorable fights in the history of Urban Undead. It nestled up to 200 deaths for the human players and about 125 zombies. The ATF have announced another Campaign against the humans in Penny Heights and the surrounding area's primarily those holding humans with viable skills.

Blitzkreig Blitz 4/2/06 The area's surrounding Penny Heights are now the site's of several fast attacks and ambushes from the zombies of several factions (Though not the work of the United Zombie's), since the first attack brought even more survivor's; adventure seeker's and shelterers and scavengers. there's now a very juicy target for surrounding zombie's and PK's alike. The attack, at the time of 12:30, brought 100 human casualties and only 30 zombies.

At 1:30, the casualties reached 230 humans, and 90 zombies, approx. The black Beret's, or members, have spread out, taking down zombie's around Gambeton. In Regenbank, a rouge group, one of which is a recongized player killer, and is holding their own against the small concentration around the area. A group in Gambeton is repeling the zombies, and upon contact called themselves Dead Cell, a rouge group not officially recongnized as a faction or guild.

At 2:30, the casualties reached 300 humans and 170 zombies, a record leap for the humans in terms of combat. The Black Berets have made a strong effort, losing only 30 members but claiming 70 zombie heads, and the 'Dead Cell' has reported 70 confirmed kills, but 5 victimes of the 15 (now 10) man group. The rouge group in Regenbank has been whiped out entirely, a large victory for the zombies.

Unofficial Update: 2:50 In Old Arkham, a large outpost was staged by the Black Berets, which was supposed to hold off an appoaching zombie force. There were 30 zombies taken down, but all 44 of the defenders were killed and joined the ranks of the undead. In addition, Gambeton was the site of a 60 zombie death, at the hands of Dead Cell. The Black Beret forces in the area hae made attempts to link up with this, 'rather impressive' group. However, given the circumstance and health of the zombies, and that fact that they were heavily damaged before the encounter, it is not a given the 70 full armed and staffed zombies struck the outpost.

Unofficial Update: 3:00 Former STARS units began moving into Gambeton, briefely joining and supplying the resident Black Beret's and the newly formed (And partly Recognized) Dead Cell, which apperantly has some newfound allies somewhere on the map. Dead Cell claimed to be Under-supplied and Under-staffed at the time, and was playing on scant ammo and melee weapons. This group, being the closest to the action in Penny Heights, as well as the vistim of some critical backdraft from the initial raid, has made it's name known, as well as signed on some new players. A defence force, consisting of the 'STARS' players, surviving Black Beret's, some scrounged players in the area, and local Dead Cell member's have massed to combat the approaching Zombie strike team, which has now turned it's sights on the approaching human counter-attacks.

At 3:30 Casualties for humans reached about 300, whereas zombie suffered no injuries in the new assualt on Gambeton, bringing the toll for Humans\Zombies to an overall 300\220. The 'STARS', Dead Cell, and Black Berets suffered heavy loss, bringing the Former STARS from 30 to 15, effectively halving it, the resident Black Beret force from 50 to 32, and Dead Cell from 10 to 7. The zombies have effectively sieged the area, dropping surviviors like flies and virtually walking through defences set by the survivors. Two members from Dead Cell have called upon their counterparts leader, CorpseKill, to send help, while the STARS and Black Berets have called upon any nearby operatives, willing to help out the besieged units.

At 4:30 The Force in Gambeton ran into heave loss. The approaching Black Beret force was massacred, all 60 reinforcement units wiped out as they approached. The STARS reinforcement's, (not official, just some players answering to the call) arrived, though 44 of the 50 had been taken down. And the Dead Cell 2nd chapter was obliterated, save for 3 members, who have been named by 'Izic Axehand' as the leader, second in command, and someone he isn't aware of. They have reportedly ran into a splinter group of the ATF, which has boxed off the NecroTech Armory which was formerly their base or operations. Efforts are being made by the besieged to pull out of the area, but no unit has gotten past the first rank of zombies, much less out of Gambeton.


ATF units have informed those of us at UrbanDead that the campaign is ending, and for the next few hours, a single mass of zombies will coagulate in one area, and then begin a reign of terror on survivors and human-sympathizers.

ATF "We are having some trouble with resistance in several area's, so we have decided to regroup, with hopefully more numbers, in one area of the city, then fan out in organized assaults, eliminating Human Players, or the Survivors, and ZKer's."

EVAC notice 4/2/06

As a favor to the growing Dead Cell Faction, the leader, one Izic Axehand has asked anyone wishing to help to please evacuate the now cripple second chapter in Pegton. They're worth saving, and have many useful supplies, was what was said by Axehand after the Blitz ended.

At 4:30, the STARS, Black Berets and Dead Cell have become allies, preparing for the rise of the undead. No battle data, though apperantly a sole survivor of the Dead Cell second chapter has requested an evacuation. Running on fumes, The STARS have decided to assist the Black Beret's and Dead Cell in order to put up a good fight against the zombies.

At 5:30-7:30, all factions in the area were effectually crushed. The STARS were decimated as they scrounged supplies, the Black Berets took a beation and retreated with only 5 of their original 60 members. Dead Cell was obliterated, with no survivors between them. A rouge zombie group tore through the area during the massing of the other Zombie faction. It was a brialliant, ruthless move, and not wanting their efforts to go to waste, the United Zombie Front has assimilated the Rouge Zombies and turned their attention towards the northern region, locking in the area's triangulated as ChancelWood, to Huntley Heights, to Peddlesden Village. This has begun an effective campaign to rid the 'Fleshies' from the town of Milton.

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