People's Federation of Malton

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People's Federation of Malton
Abbreviation: PFM
Group Numbers: 23 active
Leadership: Founded by Byrant Dilstar and Lonesoldier
Goals: To Restore Order to Malton
Recruitment Policy: Join Here
Contact: Our Thread

The People's Federation of Malton is a group led by veteran survivors and staffed by growing learners. The Federation's goals are to re-establish civilization in Malton. The PFM is a member of The New Maltonian Dynasty and is applying to join the Alliance of Giddings.

It was unofficially desolved sometime in 2006 after a hacking attempt by a person who attempted to atagonize Byrant Dilstar, who went by the psuedonym Dikstar, who was later revealed to be a member of the PFM itself.

Our Mission Statement

We have proven time and again that the zombie threat is not all consuming.

We have learned that we can hold a mall, we can hold a PD. And now, Ladies and gentlemen, I think it is time to go back to living.

We, the People's Federation of Malton, believe that the good people of Malton deserve better than to have to run in fear, unable to find a home, everyday. It is time to organize a government, a government that can combat the zombie threat and give its citzens the right to live in peace.

We are that government. The People's Federation of Malton is led by a group of veterans: we have seen the apocalypse from the beginning, and we spit in its face!

We ask you citzens of this fair city, for one last fight: a fight to claim a home for ourselves, a suburb, a group of suburbs, a city!

Join us. We already count a few prominent survivors among our ranks!


Generals: Byrant Dilstar, Shaft, Bounty Hunter2000, desolate acoylte

Assistant Generals: Valentineghost, Sorrelthescout

Sergeants: Darksword, Riley John

Privates: Heather, ulyca, Atomic, Flarias, Angeluz, tiki519, Orie Shizuoka, Dunstan Ramsay, Karrel Adre

Inactives: Most of our members are inactive. If you were ever a member and are not posted here, please contact us at the forum to be reinstated.


To help stop zombie threats, the PFM is split into a number of squads:

43rd Recon Unit

The 15th Division Of Malton


The following groups are allied with th the PFM

The Abandoned The Cannonball Crew


Active missions

---Relocation All members are now ordered to move to the base in Millen Hills. Once there then please refer to and follow the Uniform Barricade Policy established by The Abandoned. Then protect all resource buildings and revive points.


This task is active and ongoing. All members are requested to spray our recruitment tag on viable targets as well as informing large groups of our recruitment tag.

Past Missions


The People's Federation played a major part in holding the fort at Caiger Mall against the Mall Tour. This mission is now complete.

Group 37

This mission involved the setting-up and protecting of a Base of Operations for the PFM. This mission is now complete.

The Defense of Giddings

The People's Federation had many members at Giddings Mall, who fought valiantly for the building. Sadly, the zombies eventually broke in, but not until the survivors of Giddings Mall had held for a full week.

Join Us!

Please feel free to stop by our forums and join us. We are constantly seeking new members to be part of our new and exciting group.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
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