People's Liberation of East Becktown/Group Activity within East Becktown

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Group Activity within East Becktown

Notes on the activities within East Becktown of other groups, which are particularly of interest to PLEB members, and to local citizens.

  • 12th June 2006: An update on Malton Fire Department (MFD) operations within East Becktown. Within the last couple of months the MFD have been been rebuilding their presence and are now fully committed with PLEB in protecting survivors in the area.

Current MFD members operating in East Becktown: Cpt. [Cobalt-60] coordinating MFD efforts in the suburb. Lt. [Soph] in charge of Mitchell Drive fire station. Lt. [Vince Rhymes] in charge of Kirkwood Lane fire station. Firefighter [Pvt Thoughts] acting as roving support. If you see us at work be sure to give us a hand! --Soph 07:35, 12 June 2006 (BST)

  • 26th February 2006: Having failed to defeat PLEB, Some Ars Requiem members are now listing their group affliation as PLEB. It almost makes you sad for them. Even one of their main members, John Ember, is embarrassed to be called an Ars. Do you blame him? Instead, he lists his group as Fryerbank Irregulars.
  • February 2006: Congratulations to PLEB member Au Jus - he got a mention in Ars Requiem's accomplishments section. When a whole zombie group cites the killing of one PLEB as an accomplishment, you know you have done well.
  • January 2006: Heads up, Zombie Inc is amassing just over the border in Richmond Hills. Evidence includes signage and zombies sieging a Necrotech building starting a couple of days ago. If you're in a hunting mood, there's a bunch of rotters. --Drummer boy 12:20, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • December - January, 05-06 : Chi Vai Hunters were seen assembling on the Barbara General Hospital, all in the name of searching for Chi Vais. Side activities includes healing, patroling and killing zombies in numerous fashions. The group had brief clashes with members of the CotR. --ToRsO bOy 04 Jan 2006 2:53 AM (GMT)
  • 24th October, 2005 : Malton Fire Department (MFD), a group covering the whole city, but consisting of 7 or more members, hoists its flag over Mitchell Drive Fire Station. Currently only one active Firefighter reporting to MFD, [Alex DeWitt], is known to be active in the area. DeWitt contacted a PLEB representative ( apon arriving in East Becktown, to let the PLEB know of his intentions to establish Mitchell Drive Fire Station as the HQ for this Fire District, expressed admiration for the PLEB's efforts, and offered whatever assistance he could provide. --Gilant 15:34, 24 Oct 2005 (BST)
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