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"I don't want to be a PLEB..."

...but I want to help. What can I do?

There are several things that a civic-minded survivor can do to help keep East and West Becktown a safe place for all good and free people. You don't have to be a PLEB member. You don't even have to want to be a PLEB member, though of course we welcome those who wish to join our disorganisation.

  • If you see any barricades which are below the required amount, according to the barricade plan, feel free to top them up. Please don't overbarricade the designated VS points, though.
  • Heal your neighbours. It's worth XP and you're preventing infection.
  • Kill any zombies you see in the suburb. Kill them. Then kill them again. They may get the hint eventually.
  • Report any zombie activity you see in Becktown, here. The more up-to-date our info is, the easier it is for other citizens to hunt down the deaders and encourage them to leave.
  • Report on quadrant activity on the Zombie Tracker, for this suburb or any other one, especially neighbouring ones.
  • Don't get caught outside if you can possibly help it. It is dangerous for you and it attracts Zed-Heads.
  • DON'T rest overnight in a VS resource building if you have the Free Running skill. For the sake of a couple of AP - to move into an adjoining Extremely Heavily barricaded building - you are putting the lives of the weaker survivors at risk by presenting the building as an irresistible target. Lots of people behind a single VS barricade is just asking for zombies to attack - be nice to newbies, and help yourselves stay safe!
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