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Operation Tumbleweed

Due to the ongoing Zombie Horde incursion, PLEB advises the people of East Becktown to brief themselves on Operation Tumbleweed. A short summary of the information on that page:

  • It details the threat facing East Becktown, and what the residents can do if they work together.
  • It also details temporary exceptions to PLEB's list of enterable buildings.

Mall Attacks

A coalition of several zombie groups, under the banner name Mall Tour '06, has been attacking malls throughout Malton. Caiger Mall, having withstood a previous zombie horde onslaught, has been marked down for the climax of the tour. Prior to this, the uber-horde is attempting to destabilise the suburbs nearest the mall - East & West Becktown, Darvall Heights and Chudleyton. All residents of these suburbs are advised to engage in Operation Tumbleweed without delay. Low-level survivors are advised to keep away and shop elsewhere.

Map of Zombies in East Becktown

PLEB is currently offering its Weather Report for public consumption. This is a map of East Becktown showing the position of zombies across the whole suburb, which anyone is free to update.

PLEB Travel Advisory

Red Alert

Zombie Mobs Attacking

From late January 2006, a gathering of 200+ zombies has been attacking buildings in East Becktown. It seems certain that many of these zombies are a part of the Mall Tour '06.

Several reports of this group using zombie spies have been verified and the group apparently makes little secret of the fact. Spies are used to confirm or deny the existence of any survivors behind a given barricade and to seek out wounded targets.

PLEB advises survivors to maintain barricades where possible, but not to try to hold out inside any building which is being laid seige to; and, in fact, to ensure that any sleeping be done at a safe distance. They also advise that an immediate and total evacuation of the suburb is the only way to guarantee your safety. Feel free to re-enter the suburb at any time, in order to repair barricades and warn other survivors, etc., but please try to sleep outside the suburb so as to deprive the zombies of targets.

Until the Mall Tour has passed on, PLEB recommends the full implementation of Operation Tumbleweed in East Becktown.

Zombie Information

For information on the exact locations of known zombies in the suburb, click here.

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