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People's Republic of DB

Citizen Chairman's decrees

Legal code, consisting of Citizen Chairman 's decrees:

Decree #1 (of the twelfth of October 2008): institute the Medals of Glory for heroes of the Republic and reward the heroes of the Black Days with these medals (posthumous). Institute the Orders of Glory of the first, the second and the third degree. Reward citizen Dub3 with Order of Glory of the first degree; reward citizens Pidaras2 and Dela the Hooda with Orders of Glory of the second degree; reward citizens DblBA, Harizmatik and White Sniper with Orders of Glory of the third degree.
Decree #2 (of the twelfth of October 2008): create the official chronology to make people of the Republic know their country's history. Make knowledge of the important dates obligatory for every citizen of the Republic. Institute the special execution platoon to punish everyone, who needs to be punished. Appoint Minister of the Internal Security commander of execution platoon.
Decree #3 (of the thirteenth of October 2008): institute the position of Deputy Citizen Chairman. Appoint citizen Public Relations Minister the First Deputy and appoint citizen Minister of Internal Security the Second Deputy. Provide citizen Deputies with authorities of promulgation sub-Decrees after concordance of ministry cabinet. Citizen Chairman reserves the opportunity of promulgation Decrees monocrate.
Decree #4 (of the fourteenth of October 2008): institute the main document in the Republic - People's Constitution. Appoint Citizen Chairman the author of the Constitution.
Decree #5 (of the sixteenth of October 2008): institute the Agency of Foreign Affairs of the Republic - agency, allowing to communicate with other countries, both friends and foes, to announce diplomatic attitudes to other groups. Due to absence of citizen minister of Foreign Affairs, appoint citizen public relations minister Dela the Hooda temporary head of the Agency of Foreign Affairs
Decree #6 (of the twentieth of October 2008): institute the policy of "collective responsobility", which means, that if citizen of the Republic is sentenced to be shot for lesemajesty, not only this citizen, but both all his alts will be shot for that crime by special execution platoon.
Decree #7 (of the thirtieth of October, 2008): realize the next principle: any actions which a member of Ministry cabinet of the Republic accomplished (that relates only to the members of the Cabinet) and which resulted in the worsening of the relationship between the Republic and any other country, which is not at war with the Republic, should not be interpret as the declaration of war. Any questions, connected to such an incident, should asked to Citizen Chairman or to the head of the Agency of Foreign Affairs.
Decree #8 (of the fifth of February, 2009): allot citizen minister of the Internal Security extraordinary powers: let citizen minister to declare that anyone the enemy of the nation. That means that citizen minister has the opportunity to shot any enemy of the nation by herself or by the execution platoon. Any attempts to stop the justice will be suppressed (the infringer will declared the enemy of the nation and, it goes without saying, will be shot immediately).
Decree #9 (of the twenty second of February, 2009): establish the "policy against oppression". This policy is based on helping anybody who is oppressed by organised groups in Malton. Any actions, which are not mentioned in Chapter 4 of People's constitution, must be considered as legal and must not be persecuted by any citizens of Malton.


Sub-decree #1 /Approved by Citizen Chairman (on the thirteenth of October 2008)/: create the special honour board to

encourage our members to the great deeds. Their names will be glorifyed in centuries!

Sub-decree #2 /Approved by Citizen Chairman (on the fourteenth of March 2009)/: appoint citizen Sera Greene Minister of Health (as a citizen, meeting the requirements, which are necessary for becoming a Minister) /Cancelled by Citizen Chairman (on the twenty first of June 2010)/
Sub decree #3 /Approved by Citizen Chairman (on the twenty ninth of March 2009)/:To oblige ministers of the Republic to get e-mail on in a format <> with a view of better contact with the citizens of the Republic
Sub-decree #4 /Approved by Citizen Chairman (on the twenty first of June 2010)/: Remove Sera Greene from the Citizens of the Republic due to desertion in wartime and sentence her to death by shooting.

Citizen Chairman's recommendations

Code of Citizen Chairman's recommendations, which do not oblige you to follow them, but doing that facilitates your life very much

Recommendation #1: "Contact list": there is a pretty thing in UrbanDead contact list: you are allowed to change the color of a contact. I am sure, many of you have already changed the color of your friends to green and of your enemies to green. But I offer you a well-composed scheme, which uses most of the colors. So, the color, and whom I advice it use to: grey: don't use it, it's boring; red: use it for the criminals from the punishment list; orange: use it for the members of any pathetic group, which is in war with our great Republic; yellow: use it for the members of any group we deal with, and which is not in war with us; green: use it for ordinary citizens of the Republic; blue: use it for those people of the Republic, who are higher in our hierarchy: for most of you, they are all members of the ministry cabinet, for them (members) only Citizen Chairman should be in the contact list in this color; purple: use it for someone, who arouses your suspicion, for being a spy (or for anything else); black: use it for the criminals, who have already been chastised; white: use it free. Following this recommendation will really make your contact list well'organised.

People's Constitution

The main document of the Republic

Chapter 1: The main positions

1.1 The following Constitution is the main document defining the way of life of ordinary citizen of People's Republic of DB (PRDB below)
1.2 People's Republic of DB is a democratic federative state with a rebublican form of government
1.3 Positions of the following Constitution are supreme laws, which determine behavior of people of the Republic. Only decrees of Citizen Chairman (look below) are higher than the Constitution

Chapter 2: People's Government

2.1 The highest government is realized by the highest ministry cabinet with Citizen Chairman in its head. Citizen Chairman is appointed by ministry cabinet or by special decree of the previous chairman. Citizen Chairman is chosen from members of ministry cabinet.
2.2 Citizen Chairman has the opportunity to promulgate special decrees, changing or supplementing the Constitution, depending on his (or her) will. When Citizen Chairman's decree contradicts the Constitution, you should follow the instructions, given in Citizen Chairman's decree.
2.3 All members of the ministry cabinet are are in charge of the life of every citizen of PRDB. Every member of ministry cabinet is authorized with permissions, connected to his (or her) post. Every minister is responsible for republican development in sphere of his (or her) responsobility.
2.4 Members of the ministry cabinet are chosen by Citizen Chairman among people meeting the requirements listed in issue named "Vacancy". If a member of ministry cabinet does not correspond to work status, he (or she) can be dismissed by Citizen Chairman or (in Citizen Chairman's lack) by the way of other members' of the ministry cabinet voting (50% votes is necessary).
2.5 All political issues are solving by the voting of members of the ministry cabinet. Voting pecliarities: domestic political issues: 50% of votes are necessary for pronouncing decision; foreign policy issues: 65% of votes are necessary for pronouncing decision; court examinations: 50% of votes are necessary for pronouncing decision; economical issues: 50% of votes are necessary for pronouncing decision. Citizen Chairman has the opportunity of pronouncing decision individually.
2.6 Functioning of ministry cabinet is one of the most important things guaranteeing people's of the Republic normal life.

Chapter 3: Citizens of the Republic: rights and responsobilities.

3.1 Everyone living in PRDB is automatically becoming citizen of the Republic after Citizen Chairman's order.
3.2 Every citizen of the Republic has to:
3.2.1 Serve for the Republic.
3.2.2 Execute the orders of Citizen Chairman.
3.2.3 Follow the Constitution of the Republic.
3.2.4 Do everything to protect the Republic if there is danger to country's existence.
3.2.5 Support Citizen Chairman's actions.
3.3 Every citizen of the Republic has a right to:
3.3.1 Live.
3.3.2 Education.
3.3.3 Work.
3.3.4 Rest.
3.3.5 Have income.
3.3.6 Speak.
3.3.7 Participate in political life of the Republic.
3.3.8 Liquidation.
3.3.9 Mistake (but only once).
3.4 Any Citizen Chairman's decree or ministry cabinet's decision can change a citizen's rights and responsobilities.

Chapter 4: Judicial authority.

4.1 Judicial authority is concentrated in the hands of Citizen Chairman and the ministry cabinet. All verdicts are carry into effect by the will of Minister of the Internal Security.
4.2 List of breakings of the law and punishments:
4.2.1 Citizen's of the Republic murder. Chastising: death by shooting.
4.2.2 Vandalizing any building of the Republic. Chastising: warning.
4.2.3 Spamming. Chastising: warning.
4.2.4 Repeated comission. Chastising: death by shooting.
4.2.5 Insulting citizen of the Republic. Chastising: warning.
4.2.6 Insulting member of the ministry cabinet. Chastising: life imprisonment in People's prison.
4.2.7 Breaking "policy against oppression". Chastising: warning or death by shooting (by choice of the victim).